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Apple Valley Info Needed

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FishThis, May 20, 2007.

  1. My future in-laws are looking into buying a home at Apple Valley. To start, how is the fishing, what species of fish are in there. Also, hows the community, the people that live there and any other info would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. There is great fishing: Crappie, walleye, lg+sm bass, saugeye, cats, ect. You can always find something biting. Once summer kicks into gear the lake gets very crowded on the weekends, but on the weekdays or early in the morning its not bad. The lake has 3 beaches, which are great for kids. The golf course, which is public, is one of the best in the area. I havent used many of the other facilities lately, but they have an indoor and outdoor, tennis courts, along with some other things for property owners. Lake front property is outrageously priced but I dont think it is to bad once you get away from the lake. Mt. Vernon is less than 10 miles, which is where you would go "to town."

  3. OUCat did a good job of hitting the main points. I do quite a bit of fishing there myself. Most of my fishing is for panfish but I do chanse the eyes and occasionally the bass as well. The crappie fishing is generally very strong from year to year with this year being perhaps one of the best in many years. The redear sunfish fishery is great with plenty of fish in the 9-10" range. The bass fishing I believe is generally excellent for those that chase them frequently. I don't stay on it regularly enough to say that my results are great but I know that the fish are there and the size is very good. There are walleye as well. I am not sure how recently they stocked saugeye as they have mostly stocked walleye over the years. I would not say the numbers are great but if you find the right time you can catch a few in a trip. Bullhead and channel cats are a solid fishery as well.

    The lake is right around 500 acres in size and about 3 miles in length. Pretty much everywhere with the exception of the marina and shoreline areas is open to any speed travel which of course makes it a popular spot for recreational boating. As OUCat mentioned the weekdays and dawn/dusk weekend hours are still good fishing times throughout the summer.

    I do not live in the community (own a lot though) so I can not speak directly about the lifestyle within the community. I have spoken to several and have read a good bit about activities in the community and from what I can see it seems to have a lot of activities for many interests.

    I hope this helps.
  4. I was going to buy in apple valley. After visiting several times its way to crowded in the late spring and summer.I hate jet skis! We ended up buying a log cabin on candlewood lake and love it.Its a private gated community with a 252 acre lake thats stocked every year.Largemouth an smallmouth bass,big crappie,striped bass,catfish,walleye and no jet skis.We looked at indian,buckeye,apple valley,and just about everywhere else.I would say it depends on what you like.I've seen lots for $4000 to houses on the lake that are well over $500,000.I'd say the best part is I've never seen more than 10 boats on the water at one time.Its very laid back,private and peaceful.good luck.

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  5. Thanks for all the info. Looks like if they buy I will be into some great fishing! Gotta love the in-laws!
  6. Apple Valley is very nice on the week days. The people are great especially in a cove with a dock that has a sign on it that has "Kapers Cove Palmers Place" written on it. That dock is for sale but thats besides the point the fishing is great. the biggest fish that I have caught was a 5.109 lb largemouth bass that put up a great fight. the lake is stocked annually with large mouths, small mouths, walleye, perch, bluegill, occasionally cat fish, crappie, and we're hoping that they will bring back the Northern Pike. when the fishings down for the summer(usually its not) you can go th the dam and fish there. you can catch carp also or shoot carp with a bow and arrow. anyway the fishings great the lake is one of the cleanest in Ohio. all in all its the place to be for what ever reason weather its retirement or leisure its all around great.

  7. Actually I don't believe they stock anything more than walleye and occasionally saugeye. They have done perch a few times as well and I believe they may have done catfish at some point. But the bass and the gills and the crappie are self-sufficient and thrive quite well in the lake. You may have meant simply that the fish are in the lake but when I read the "stocked annually" I just thought I would mention that.

    I have never heard any mention of northern pike. Many years ago they stocked wipers one year (I think only one). There are still the occasional ones caught to this day. I can not recall how long ago it was but I do know that they are quite large if they are still there. I saw one floating bloated this past spring and it was HUGE.
  8. sorry if I mis led you some one in a meeting mentioned it then it got rejected but they do stock bass i have watched them put the bass in
  9. I need some info about the wolf packs of small mouths at apple valley. if anyone has info about them please let me know (my friend loves to fish for them in the summer he just can't find them anywhere).