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Apple Creek

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by SteelieHunter, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Hello fellow flyfishers! Just wondering if anyone knows what the deal is with Apple creek in Wooster? I have read that they stocked it with bows. Just wondering if this is true and if anyone has fished it? Feel free to PM me about it as well. Thanks
  2. I've never heard of that, but I'd be interested in joining you sometime. I live in Parma.


  3. That would be cool. Im in Parma Hts so im sure im not too far away. I have a relatively easy going job so i have time to look up different things and try and find the secret fishing holes online. I just read something about this apple creek in wooster wich isnt too far away. Me and a friend of mine like to go to the clearfork and fish for trout, but its a good 1 1/2hr drive. If apple creek does have trout it would be alot closer. Just looking for the 411 on it (regulations and such). :rolleyes:
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    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    While Apple creek does have high quality wate and was considered I don't believe it was ever stocked. Access is pretty tough anyway.
  5. Yes, the state is not stocking Apple Creek, not enough access but I have heard of a few groups that have stocked it a few times with very limited success, I imagine if a group did stock it, getting access would be another issue and if you were on public water, the present trout regs would cover it under "Inland Trout Streams" 2 fish must be over 12" a day. Something Trout Unlimited and all the Ohio coldwater clubs fought very hard for.

    Good luck
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    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    Think I will give it awhile. I know that smallie fishing there was decent about 5 years ago. Hope that it gets some $$$ from the state to support a bigger project and possibly tighter regs or project water...delayed harvest, c & r, ...etc.
  7. It was stocked with private funds from a club. As I just found this info out today all so. Later Matt
  8. Apple Creek in Wooster was stocked in a joint effort from the Clear Fork TU Chapter and the City of Wooster. Access is at Grosjean park.

    Our creel / online surveys showed very promising results with many fish caught multiple of times. They where still catching into the first of June, which is the last I have heard.

    We plan to continue this effort with more stockings in the future.