Appalachian St. beating Michigan!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by ParmaBass, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. ParmaBass

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    I know it's early and it probably won't stand up, but it's pretty sweet to see that scrolling across the bottom of the screen!! 21-14!!
  2. midoh39

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    34-32 Appalachain State over Michigan. Amazing last play!!

  3. bmffishing247

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    That blocked kick was great. You talk about a team not giving up the entire game.
  4. jeffmo

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    appalachain state dropped michigans panties and spanked their little butts!
    i wish it would have been nationally televised.
    what a GREAT day!!!!!!!!:D :D :D
  5. ParmaBass

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    It's a great day in the state of OHIO!! It's 4:43 and Michigan sucks!!
  6. Bubba bass bigfoot

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    Whats up with the Michigan sucks? We dont suck, hats off to Appalachian Mt. They were ready to play this game and wanted it more. Blue thought it was an easy win. We picked the wrong team for a win. They do avg 7 tds a game, were on a 14 game winning streak and won back to back the last to years their divisions NC. They have good number, good player and a good coach. blue does not suck we just were not to smart in that one.
    Not trying to say anything but i think Mt would have made a game of it with OSU and won. Their kinda like boise st, over looked until now.

    I dont like OSU but i dont say they suck unless im joking, its a good football program and a good team, i just dont like them.
  7. ParmaBass

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    I say it as a proud graduate of The Ohio State University!! Excuses, excuses!!! Come on a Div II team had no business going into the big house and owning Michigan. The score was close, but Appalachian St. beat them up all day long. Michigan was picked by alot of people to win it all this year, and that's all but gone now!! There not going to win the National Championship having at least 2 loses on the year. LLLLLLyod Carr better get them ready, Noverber 17th is right around the corner!!

    It's 10:09 and Michigan still sucks!
  8. johnboy111711

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    12:17 and michigan still sucks...god i hope they never fire lloyd carr!... GO ZIPS 1-0 baby!
  9. I am a huge Ohio State fan, but Michigan losing a game like that could just strengthen their resolve & actually motivate them for the rest of the season. Let's hope not, but you still have to understand Michigan is NEVER a "patsie".
  11. Is Appalachain State a middle school team?? GO BUCKS!!!
  12. SConner

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    Tough loss for Michigan and the Big 10. I don't think there is any danger of Michigan running the table after highlights I saw. Appy State exposed their defense for what is is... marginal. Hope they improve dramatically before end of season, it just wouldn't feel good beating up on a .500 team.

    Buckeye fans watch for more from freshman RB Brandon Saine. This kid is blazing fast! He ran a 10.38 100M as junior in high school.

    Go Buckeyes!
  13. The only bad thing about UM losing to Appalachian St is that after we beat UM it will make our strength of schedule go down because UM couldn't beat a bunch of little kids. It's amazing I didn't even know this school existed until they beat UM.

    You should have heard the 'Shoe when they posted to score and UM was losing. It went nuts. :D
  14. ParmaBass

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    I would imagine the shoe went NUTS!!! I love it!
  15. Who cares if it lowers our strength of schedule and hurt the Big Ten's image. What occurred Saturday was an embarassment and it couldn't have happened to a better team!

    Go Bucks!