APB on Columbus Shad

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Garyoutlaw77, May 4, 2008.

  1. Garyoutlaw77

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    I need some fresh Shad real bad & frozed won't cut it - I can cast net with the best of em' but my local spots have been dry for some time:( any help would be great - Thanx Gary
  2. deeznumbnutz

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    there is a shad density chart for hoover at fishandtales.net...can wade to get them.....


  3. misfit

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    they should be running up big walnut above hoover about now,and you can get thousands,LOL.it should be spawning season,and you can almost walk on their backs up there when they get in.
  4. I was up in Galena over the weekend and there are some shad in there. They're on the small side this year, only 2-3 inches long. You'd have to be careful with the cast net though. There's a lot of carp right in the same areas as the shad. Not sure how well your net would hold up if you got 5 or 10 pounds of big lips in there.
  5. If you still need shad hit Deer Creek by the gun range I have seen some big schools with some nice sizes in them.
  6. The proper name is actually "big sexy lips"