Anything happening at C.J Brown?

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  1. Anyone out there doing any good at C.J Brown? I know it's kind of warm. I was there a few weeks ago, and caught a couple walleye out of the creek ( from the Spillway ).
  2. Took a couple of vacation days earlier in the week. Fished Tuesday and Wednesday. Tried all over the lake from shallow to deep (22fow) with a jig/worm and jigging spoon. Have caught plenty of walleye but always under 15". Thats pretty much been the story for me the last 2 to 3 weeks. Even tried trolling a while early Wed. morn. with no luck. Think I'll go out one more time this weekend just to use up the worms I have and then wait until Sept. to try again. That is unless I start going through withdrawls. It's fun to catch the little ones but sometimes they get hurt and I don't want to wear them out before they have a chance to get some size.

  3. i saw a coup[le cats pulled out like 3 lb and i heard the white bass should be running soon
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    Not to be mean but dude The WB run is over...
  5. white bass will often make a "run" or atleast move shallower and pick up in activity in the late summer/fall due to the young o the year shad reaching easy pickings size and the days getting shorter causing the fish to want to put on weight. not a spawing run but the do run in certain places and the fishing can be quite good in the fall run
  6. Toward the end of Sept, and the beginning of October is when the white bass run is the best. So dont worry bowhunter, the runs not over.. It just hasnt started yet. Ive caught almost 100 WB in one night in Oct. And you should know.. Because well... Youve been there with me lol
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    the true "run"/spawn is over for the happens around april/may and goes through june, but you can catch WB all year round in cj brown...they move shallower in the fall season towards their wintering grounds, but can be caught just about anywhere, at any time
  8. Yeah, the spawn is over. You are right. Im just saying they run good around the beginning of Oct, because the cooler days and nights send them into a feeding frenzy
  9. Does anyone know where these fish go during the summer months? I also catch my share of these fish during the spawn and also in the fall but during the summer they are hard to come by.
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    They roam all over the lake in the summer. We get them all too often when jigging or trollng for Walleyes. I will say that has happened a lot less this year. You can frequently find large schools of very active White Bass by a "run and gun" method watching for the diving gulls. Throw spinners into that mess and you will catch WB's. I haven't actually seen that happen this year either but the concept remains valid.

    See you out there.

  11. Hit CJ this afternoon/evening and night. Tried just about everything to catch walleye and no-go. Through jig and crawler, crankbait, vertical jig, trolled a bit... nada.

    Did mention to pick up a few Channel Cat's later in the night though drifing...

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  12. I was trolling a reefrunner there the other day and couldn't keep the channels off of it.
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    Well my sis has been runnin with her friend at the res with her friend so i decided to fish while they ran 8) We were at the rocks so thats where i fished. I threw a rattle trap and managed one small WB after i had walked up and down and up and down the rocks :-@ but idc it was an ok day of fishing just to relax. Then later in the day took my uncles new boat out and had a lil fun watchin a guy in a sailboat flip over lol wow. I bought some new trollin lures and will be out tearnin em' up in a few weeks.

    P.S. some guys were catchin a few bluegills and crappie off the rocks with waxies and i think i saw the guy out in his scanoe mb?
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    Flathead King 06

    What a mug, anyways nice channel for messing around out there...caught some like that a few weeks ago trolling over the old gravel pits...they just dont seem to have any size to them though
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    yeah they survived and my cuz towed him and and said he was a real a-hole tellin him how 2 drive!!! and it was his boat-JEEZ lol. but it was kinda funny cuz earlier by the ramp they almost rammed us but they were good enough to get outta the way and i said "u guys are good sailors" :wink: LMAO. it was pretty nice out there woulda been great 4 fishin...
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    Title of thread- Anything happening at CJ brown? Yeah sailboats r flipping and most fish arent biting lol
  18. I hit CJ this weekend and nobody was catching anything. Granted the cold front and rain that passed last week might have messed it up, but I didn't see any boats having any luck and certainly didn't myself.