anything goin on at the harpersfield dam

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  1. anything going on there and what are they going on?
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    I went there several yrs ago, cannot find the location of it now. Can you tell me what town that is in? Tried to find it on mapquest, but no luck...

  3. Its near State Route 534 just south of Route 90 near Geneva Ohio.
  4. creekcrawler

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    Sorry to do this to you snake69, but....

    "Can you tell me what town that is in?"

    The Harpersfield Dam would be in, ummmm, Harpersfield.:p
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    Actually, I've felt like doing that to several people over time. Anywho, I really wanted somewhat explicit directions like vc1111 gave. After I posted that, I did a more thorough search and found some good things. The last time I went, someone gave me directions from I90, and that's what I was looking for. But anyway, I took your reply in good humor. I s'pose I deserved it.....:D By the way, anyone know which exit off I90 that you use? Trying to get to the bait store right up the street from the covered bridge......
  6. The I-90 exit to take to get to this area is the Geneva exit, about the 220 mile marker on the interstate. As for fishing, I'd wait for several rains to do any steelie fishing there. The water is still quite low, and the fish haven't really made it up that far yet.
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    No problem Snake, gotta have a lil fun.

    Steelheadwise, I doubt there's much going on yet up there.
    That's the farthest point up the Grand they can get (@26miles?).
    With the low water, I doubt there's many up that far yet.

    Snake - the best thing Ive found for getting around to fishing spots
    is a DeLorme Atlas. It shows every road, and I do mean every road
    in the state. Mine's all beat up from years of use. I love it.
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    I'm not heading up there for at least a month, but since the topic came up, I decided to ask how to get there. I will be up at the long wall Monday morning to try my luck there. Did slice my arm at work last night (8 stitches) and hope that doesn't affect me on Monday. It isn't my casting arm, so I should be alright. Thanks again everyone!!
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    I second that. I have the Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and I think Pennsylvania. Don't take a road trip without it, especially a fishing roadtrip.
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    I bought one several yrs ago, and never gave it a thought. I also have a map of Ohio I bought a few yrs back....this map has every body of water in Ohio on it creek, stream, river or lake. I need to get it mounted on some lightweight material and then laminated.(it's like 30" x 42") Almost forgot about that tooo.... I don't know if it's old age and/or all the kids running around here and the fact that I generally work 6 days a week and fish the seventh!!! Oh well, as long as I still find time to fish.
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    here ya go. look at #10 all the way to the right side. above the legend.

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