Anyones kids ride one of these.....

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by RiverRat, Apr 19, 2005.

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    My boys got one of these for X-mas and we've just finished the break in period on it.
    Its a 2 stroke 49cc Pocket-Rocket that has both electric and pull start, driving lights and horn. The weight caps. is 250 lbs. so YES i can join in the fun too since im under that weight by 100

    My wife and I were totally against the thought of it at first, but figured we'd give them a chance to prove they were serious about wanting to be responsible and learn to drive it correctly....and give them a chance to learn that this is NOT by any means a "TOY"...even though ive thrown that word around about me this thing is fast and you can get hurt or worse if you treat it like a toy. They have been doing AWSOME and are learing the rules of the road(sidewalk) very well.

    They have all the protective gear...even the street bike helmet that cost and arm and a leg..yep its a legal street bike helmet, even though the pocket-rocket is FAR from street legal.
    We go to the school parking lot on weekends and do drive it in our houseing development, on the sidewalks.
    My oldest son Tyler is a bike/car/truck freak and if it has wheels he will drive/ride it...hes going to be a handful when he gets older..geez us....he has NO fear what so ever(never a good thing). He has like 8 peddle bikes and even got one of those chopper bikes that OCC designed called the Stingray(emerald green) and its the coolest peddle bike ive seen yet....wish they had them when i was!

  2. I have seen those. there is a kid in my neighborhood that has one of the mini bikes that looks like a chopper, pretty cool. he has a matching jacket and chaps that match the paint on the bike.

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    That is awesome!

    This brings something up that I have been wanting to find. I have not looked for them online yet, but maybe someone on here would know where I can find small 4 wheeler's for kids. I know they make them with a cord so you can only allow the kid to go so far from you. Thanks ahead of time!
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    But it is sidewalk legal?????? :confused: :confused:
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    I've seen a guy riding one of these down Euclid Ave and Chester Ave in Cleveland.
  6. peon

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    iv been to lowrider truck shows and grown men ride those things around .. doing wheelies... its funny ... and about the 4 wheelers... i belive you can buy the ones like you want at regular 4wheeler shops....
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    ok peon, I just only saw 50cc bikes where I bought mine and they were more of the racing kind. I know they make others small like that but with limiters on them and I even heard of one with the cord so the little ones can't go too far from ya. I am sure if I called, they could hook me up with something, but I want to find a place that has them for me to look at. thanks any way!
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    I believe the law says that motorized vehicles MUST ride in/on the street. Yet, he says that the bike is NOT street legal. Even if it was street legal, it would be unlawful for his son(s) to ride it on the street without a motorcycle endorsement. Kind of a catch 22, I guess.

    RockBass: call any local Motorcycle/ATV dealership, they will surely have kids atvs. be careful, though, they have become so popular that the market is being saturated with imported Tiawanese kids atvs that are nothing but pure junk.

    The best kids atv (has been for years) is the Suzuki LT50, or LT80. You simply can't go wrong with this ATV. You might want to pick up a Cycle Trader magazine for $1.50. There are plenty of used kids atvs out there that will save you a lot of money. A new LT 50 is about $1400. A kid will grow out of it quickly. Unless you have other kids that will grow into it, I would buy a used one. You can get it, use it for a couple years, and get your money back out of it. They are extremely popular.
  9. Reel Lady

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    I don't want to be the "Kill Joy" here.. but River Rat, I do question your parental judgement here. You stated in your original post that your son is "Going to be a handful when he gets older" and that "He has NO FEAR what so ever" even agree that this is not a good thing...
    I think that giving a "Toy" like this to a child who has proven himself to be fearless and exhibit poor judgement is just a bad situation waiting to happen.
    While I do think that there are many kids that could handle a "Toy" like this, I know that there are also those types of kids that can't and shouldn't.
    We have 5 children, and I know how very different kids can be. Of our 5, I can honestly say that 2, maybe 3 could have been trusted with that type of responsibility.
    Kids have a way of acting one way around their parents, but as soon as you turn your back that's when trouble starts.
    So if you are starting off with a child who is labeled as "Fearless" or "a handful", it's easy to predict what they are likely to do as soon as you look away.
    If it were me, I'd wait a couple of more years until he has proven himself to be responsible and not wreckless.
    We all know that "Fearless" + "A Handful" = trouble behind the wheel.
    I really don't want to come off as lecturing you.. I'm sorry if thats how it appears. It really is just my concern for your son's safety.
    If it were me... I would seriously re-think his readiness for such a huge responsibility.
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    Thanks Hetfield! I will pick up a trader tom. I never even thought of that before!
  11. RiverRat

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    Really.....Reel lady, i guess if my son was scared of everything and was a couch potatoe then it would be OK to buy him one then???
    Dont go into some trip about telling me how i should raise my kids...or that im a bad parent!! Problem nowaday is that lots of parents dont pay attention to thier children or baby and protect them to the point that there kids by an older age are idiots and cant cope with REAL life and the dangers that go with it.

    Are you tellng me that you acted the same way when you with your friends as a teen ager than you did around YOUR parents?? I know i sure as heck didnt, i would have gotten my butt beat quickly. If you think your kids act the exact same way around you as they do thier friends than YOU'VE got a lot to

    Now i said my boy will be a handful...again its in how you read TYPED words....if you would have understood, by boy Tyler will be a handful because hes so into cars, bikes , ect. at this age, that by the time hes a mid teen he'll want have bike parts everywhere, wanting to tear everything apart fixing cars, ect. My brother was a "motorhead" or "gearhead" and he always was working on cars to make them understand what i was saying before telling ME what i meant.

    As for the no fear, id rather him be out going and push the limits and find his own place in life than for me to try to plan it out for him and tell him what i think he should do, how he should be , ect. I dont want him to be a follower and just do what everyone else is....find your own place in life!
    I too know how different kids can be, my other son is quiet and would play video games 24 hrs a day if we let him....but i get him outside as much as possible and dont let him waste a nice day sitting inside. My son Tyler is like me..not scared of anything and will take no crap off anyone for any reason....a good way to be in this day in age with all the cry babys trying to pass laws so you can even breath without permision..or parents that think THIS is the way to raise your own kids!
    Guess i knew i'd gety one of "these" replys to my thread...hahahah
    I say raise yours how you feel fit..i'll do the same THANKS,

  12. mrfishohio

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    No, not mine, I had a mo-ped once, but then they would sneak it out when I wasn't home. So I sold it the next day to a kid who wanted to ride it, down the street (with his parent's permission). It was stolen from him 2 days later.
    I'd be real careful with them on the sidewalk, because of cars backing down the driveways not looking for it. I'm sure it's fast, hence "pocket rocket"
    I'm not telling you anything, other than the parking lot is probably a much safer place to run it & as someone mentioned, it may not be legal on the sidewalk. If heaven forbid there was an accident with it & a pedestrian or a bicycle, who do you think would be cited? We just had a fatality where someone backed over someone down here. Not sure the particulars, it was on the news, I just overheard it. Anyway, people backing out or pulling in a driveway might not see it running up the sidewalk. That's all. Kids are injured all the time on bikes, skateboards, etc. Just part of growing up, skateboards in a parking lot are safer than on the sidewalk or near traffic. Same with a mini motorcycle. The further away from autos you can run them, the safer they are.
  13. RiverRat

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    I agree Jim and thanks for the nonpreaching reply, there is not one single thing in this world i would not do for my 2 boys....i would give my life for them in a split second with no thought involved.

    As for our housing development, its a smaller area and low traffic and they stop riding it as people start to come home from everyone knows them and watches out..PLUS i stay out in the street while they rids and take turns and keep them in my sight the whole time....they have been taught to watch for any cars coming in or out of driveways, but yes the open empty parking lot of the local high school is best for all involved.

    Also, it is a KEY key...NO START, i have a key on my key ring and the other is hidden as back-up in my fishing room(only i know where it is). So if Dads not is not allowed to be riden..period...or it will be sold and gone for good if all rules are not followed, like GOOD grades, ect.!!

  14. Man, those little bikes are freaking radical! I wish my parents were as cool as you RiverRat. I got a couple little fellers at home that would like a set of those bikes in a couple years but I doubt that mama would go for it.

    What are you getting them this Christmas, their own monster trucks?

    Ever since I was a little kid I've always wanted one of them swamp fan boats.
  15. RiverRat

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    Sheephead, i hear you loud and clear man..i was the youngest of 4 children, my 2 brothers are 10 yrs older than sister is 8 yrs older than me,......YUP i was the "oops" i bet my parents have all thier grey hair to show for that "oops" too...hahahah.

    Anyway, yea i sure wish they had those type of things when i was a kid...but knowing my dad he wouldnt of bought me one anyway...NOT saying he was stricked or anything to that degree, but with 4 kids and my Mom at home to raise was not spent on to many "needless" things, ya know.
    I have been blessed to find a very good job that takes care of me, my wife and our 2 boys wife doesnt work either...and i tend to spend a little too much sometimes on my "hobby"....FISHING!

    Whats for next x-mas..hmmm, i bet if you ask my boys they are probably make'in a list already this far in advance...LOL
    They already have like 5 BMX bikes...i dont know how many Birdhouse and Blind brand skateboards, video games, rc cars eveywhere...not sure what else is next?
    Oh lets not forget the "pets" either..geez as long as its not another LIVE animal its cool with me!!!!!

  16. RiverRat sounds like you have a good relationship with your kids, keep up the good work and encourage them in what ever they wany to do, a lot of the nascar drivers started the same way as your kids. Good Luck
  17. Reel Lady

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    No, I don't believe that you are a bad parent at all. I never accused you of that. Here is exactly what I wrote in my previous reply.
    I was simply questioning your decision in this (and only this) situation regarding your "Fearless" son and this new toy.
    Scott, here is what I actually wrote in that reply.
    Well, I'm glad to see that we are in agreement here on this issue. :) Its not how kids act in front of their parents thats the issue, its HOW they act when they are not under adult supervision. Taking the keys with you is definitely a smart thing to do.
    Thanks for clarifying the "Hands Full" comment... Sounds like he is Mechanically inclined. At his age, that is an awesome trait. :)

    My opinion? Children must learn how to RESPECT limits and boundaries. Life is full of them. Children should be encouraged to have strong morals, values and beliefs, and not EVER be afraid to voice their opinion. At the same time, children MUST be taught the art of diplomacy.

    Like I said, people can choose how to handle their differences in opinion in many different ways. Fists and Foul language may help children earn respect from other children. But, in the adult world, this method will only help land them in jail.
    Again, I FIRMLY believe in teaching a child to stand up for what they believe in, or what they feel is right (or wrong). Excellent Communication skills are key to success.

    Yup.. lol.. you got it :D
    And for the record Scott, I'm not telling you how to raise your kids. I'm sure that you are an awesome parent that only wants the best for your kids. Basically I was making a "Blanket" statement about kids (all kids, not just yours) who are labeled as a "Hand full" and "Fearless".
    I still feel strong about the fact that there are some kids that could handle (respect) having a toy like this, and then there are those that can't.
    A child that is a known by their parent as a "LIMIT PUSHER" and proven himself to be "FEARLESS", in my opinion has not EARNED the priviledge to own or operate a toy like this. What makes you think that a child that has no respect for limits will suddenly respect the rules and limits being placed on him when it comes to the "Rules of Riding" this thing?
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  18. Scott, if you and the misses are ever looking to adopt an older child, I'm available. I'll even make my own bed. All I need to survive is a 12 pack/day, 3 cans of snuff/week, and toys. I could definitely see myself cruising Balmoral Drive on one of those crotch rockets. Oh, I guess I also need a large pizza and a bag of cheetos/day too.
  19. Lewzer

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    GM was giving one of these away when you bought a Hummer last year.

    Might be a reason to justify one of those "prestige" vehicles.
  20. H2O Mellon

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    What a deal: Buy a $55K SUV & get a $1k bike.....Reminds me of a stroy: When my dad had shis gun shop, he ahd a guy come in w/ a magizine and said he wanted to buy a gun that fit the magizine. Said he found the magizine & felt like someone was tellig him he needed to find the matching gun ??? Hmm.... okay.