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  1. Anyone want to share some "how to" information on catching large mouth on CC?, I can catch crappie, musky (although I think this is beginners luck) etc..., I've done well on that god forsaken lake for everything except largemouth, I'm not looking for honey holes etc..., just some advice on tackle and techniques. I think I'm trying entirely to hard now and am just slumping.

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    i caught some small ones crawling a nightcrawler across the bottom last summer. I stayed around exposed stumps. No luck on any artificial

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    I usually have success on spinner's such as rooster tails, white or green. I fish them in the late morning to early afternoon if the water is decently clear. I usually fish them along the rocks by the pump station which has prodcued me some nice fish.
  4. I had no luck on the lake the day we the boat out of the water and noticed i had some crappie minnows left....threw in a line right next to the boat ramp wammo! moved into a cove right next to the boat ramp (about 20 feet away) and caught one after another. If i hadnt wasted the day on the lake, woulda stayed there and fished longer!

    Try the coves, points and curves along the bank. Thats what i am gonna do next time.
  5. carolina rig powerbait lizards and creature baits as well. and in all the usual spots. rooster tails are my go to when nothing else seems to work. make sure to hit lay downs w/ texas rigged lizards too
  6. I caught a few the other day in the back of some coves using a jerkbait.
  7. Lizards fished in bedding areas.