anyone sell cars for a living?

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  1. Ok I am currently working landscaping and just making ends meet. I have found a job working at a local car dealership in sales that Im not sure if I should try for.

    I have never done sales although I am good at talking with people and seem to do good selling on ebay and the what not. My wife thinks I could sell anything if Im given the right motivation, and so do I. The dealership sells a brand of cars and trucks that I have grown up loving so it wouldnt be hard for me to talk them up and learn about them more.

    My current job is steady, but I work alot of hard hours for low wages and the first month of training at the dealership will pay twice of what I would get killing myself landscaping. In landscaping if its raining to hard, Im not making money. My question is, does anyone on here know how it works after the training period? Is there an hourly base pay, then commision on top? I was thinking if there is an hourly pay that is enough alone to pay the bills, then I will do it. But if I have to rely on sales only, Im worried about leaving my steady job of hard labor.
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    each dealer can pay you however you want, this is stuff you need to ask from the particular dealer you plan to work for. i sell cars here in ky, self employed, but there is no set standard on how your going to get paid and stuff like that.

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    That article is highly informative and very long winded. I sold used cars for a few years and it was one of the most interesting jobs I've ever had. I must say there was never a dull moment.

    All dealers are different and the pay is all over the ball park. Some are honest, some not so, be careful.

    Dealing with the public can be a pain. I've had people call 15 minutes before we closed and ask me to stay an extra 15 minutes till they got there and then they never showed .

    I've had them take off in the car and call me an hour later to tell me they ran out of gas.

    One guy brought his mechanic in to check out a Jeep. They put it in 4-wheel low to see if the 4-wheel drive worked. They parked it and we never touch it till he came back to pick it up the next day. He drove away in 4-wheel low. The owner got in his car and tried to chase him down to tell him but couldn't catch him. He burned it up, literally. It caught on fire from over reving the engine. The next day his sister came and called me every name in the book for cheating her brother.

    I've been involved in crashes, jerked around every way you can imagine and a few you can't.

    One other thing. My wife is a title clerk and about the only dealers who are selling much these days are the Toyota and Honda dealers. Ford seems to be doing OK.

    I guess the only real advice I could give you is to be very careful who you work for and how they are going to pay you. It was a job I'll never forget and wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Good luck!
  5. I worked for a dealership for a while in high school. I wasn't selling cars but I got to know a lot of the salesmen. I came to find out they got a "draw" each week or two if they didn't make any money and then when they did they had to pay back what ever "draw" they took. Working there was the best job I've had. Too bad they don't pay much. :(
  6. After reading the post here and thinking about it. I have decided that Im going to stay where I am at, knowing my job will be here and my boss likes me, so much I just got a promotion.

    The dealership is a chevy/dodge dealership, so Im sure the sales are low. Thanks for the words, I think that Ill just stay put.