Anyone see the movie "Sicko"?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jeff-bob, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. I'd like to hear folks opinions on this movie. Mine is this: Why don't we have socialized medicine in this country yet? I've been self employed for the past 9 years and I can say without a doubt that insurance was my biggest expence by far. (And luckily my family is fairly healthy!!) Can you imagine how ANY company would do if they didn't have to worry about healthcare? We might not have the economic problem that we're in right now. Please be kind in your responses, don't respond as a democrat or republican, repond as humans.
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    I dunno about this one...

    while socialized medicine seems like a good idea, I would be concerned that it would be run incredibly inefficiently like so many of the government's programs are already.

  3. newbuckeye

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    Have you ever needed health care in a country with socialized medicine? Have you ever heard reports of waiting for treatment in Canada?
    Ever waited in line at a VA hospital? They cap the amount a doctor can charge, (because the government pays for it) which also caps how much the Dr makes.

    Also, look into your tax cost of being self employed, then compare it to the tax they pay in socialized medicine countries. Figure in quality of life, and available Dr's, you may look at it different.

    By the way, Sicko focused on Cuba. Do you REALLY think you got the whole truth in that?
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    A perfect example of "why not" is the countries that have it now. You don't havr to look any farther than Canada for a perfect example of why not to do it. Their system is a disaster by all accounts.
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    Exactly! I have a friend in Ontario that waited 6 months for a root canal. I called a dentist I had never been to and got mine fixed the next day!
  6. Chuck P.

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    If you have a MINOR problem, Canada has a system that works very well.

    If you have a MAJOR problem and need life saving treatment or major surgery, Canada has a system that doesn't work at all.

    All I know is the U.S.A has to do something. Me and my wife work full time and we can barely afford health insurance while people that refuse to work get everything for free!
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    isnt that a film by michael moore? after the way he treated charlton heston, when charlton heston invited him into his home to do an interview, hes a piece of work and i wouldnt want watch one of his movies if it was him getting hit by a bus, well maybe that, id watch.

    no i didnt see the movie, just cant stand that slug! sorry:mad:
  8. Didn't see the movie and never heard the term 'socialized medicine'. Is that like universal health care?

  9. Ask yourself this? Why do so many people come to the U.S., for operations? BOAT FULLS (pun intended), For minor stuff its O.K.. But go for a procedure that is necessary & you may be put on a waiting list for OVER 6 months. That's a FACT!
    Google around for those that don't believe & find the facts for yourself. There are FORUMs out there that deal in the subject & one can read the HORROR stories.

    Four years ago I had a double knee replacement (ouch), by a leading ortho guy who invented the Titanium/ceramic knee. TOP GUN in the Orthopedic thing. While the ongoing start to finish process before the operation took about 2 weeks, with aprox., 4 visit's before the cut & blood transfusion bank. Met up 2 people , guess where from? They had to come to the U.S. to get operations because of the waiting time in Canada.

    1 had a hip joint thing, waiting time in Canada as she told me was over 1 YEAR.

    2nd. fella also needed a knee replacement (1), & could NOT wait for the 2 year period that was projected for his case


    SOCIAL medice SUCKS! or Socialism as a whole.
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  10. Now back to the topic of SICKO by arsehole moore.

    If you gave me a free ticket to go see it I would'nt, m.moore is probably the sleeziest, slitheriest, scum bag on this planet who is only worthy of investigating why RATS POOP, & the make-up of said product.
    Sorry I can't tell you how I really feel?

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    I'd like to second that opinion before the lock gets applied! :p
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    Yeah, careful voicing opinions on here!
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    LOL,papaw.this is a touchy one for sure.and as evidenced by at least one reply,it is an easy target for political hijacking;)

    opinions are welcomed,and even encouraged:)
    however,violating site rules is not;)
  14. Judging by the replies, you might've gotten an actual debate had you left out the movie reference. Happy trolling!
  15. If you are not familiar with how other countries do socialized medicine, see the Frontline program on PBS called 'sick around the world'. Its a good program IMO. Reviews the medical programs in five capitalist democracies. You can watch it on your computer or just read the transcripts.

    Here is the link
  16. newbuckeye - you hit the nail on the head - the canadians with stage 1 cancer are DYING before they can get in to get you understand this? DYING before they get treatment! - for those of you that don't know, cancer goes from stage 1 to stage 4.

    count your blessings that we DON'T have socialized medicine - keep complaining about paying your medical insurance - as you call for an appointment to the Dr's and can get in the next week.
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    I've seen it and I hope people take the time to look at it. Very educational.

    I take it those of you saying how bad medical care is in Canada have health insurance. How about those of us that insurance companys will not insure or cancels the polices because we may be to high risk and might cut into their profits. I would think that Canadian health care is better than no care at all.:confused:
    Just one other question.... If social health care or goverment run health care is so bad then why is it that they have a longer life span than the people of the US health care system?
  18. CDL


    Countries with universal health care have relatively small populations compared with the USA. We have over 300 million legal people. IMO, our tax burden is already too high. A person already has to work until June before they start making money for the year. Can you imagine the added burden of having to pay everyone's health care cost? IMO, we should be looking at WHY health care costs so much and address it accordingly. I know the malpractice insurance costs are one reason. I also happen to think the reason the malpractice is so high is because many people are looking to cash in on honest mistakes and get a bunch of money handed to them. I know that there are people who have a legitimate reason to sue, but when there are people who will sue McDonalds because the coffee they ordered burned their tongue and said person wasn't warned that the coffee was hot, we have some serious common sense issues we need to address.

    Michael Moore is an idiot.
  19. misfit

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    that definitely is a big factor.when some doctors are paying $1,000,000(yes that's 1 million)and more a year for insurance,they're not gonna be working for peanuts.
  20. Great Brittain has had Universal Health Care since 1948!! The US is 37th in the world for health care. Some great nation aye! All i'm saying is for those who are being declined healthcare daily, and dying, does anyone have a fundamental concern about this big wheel called insurance companies. And for the Moore haters, near the end of the movie, he sent a $12,000 check to a person deemed to be the biggest Moore hater of all so that person didn't have to close thier website so he could use the money to take care of his sick wife. Couldn't companies pay more taxes, instead of outrageous health ins. coverages to make up for health care costs. Please don't misunderstand me I LOVE THE USA, but I think that we are intimidated and fear our government to the degree that is trying to kill us while we just sit back and love "our" system. There is too much special intrest groups lineing the pockets of politicians that have soooooooo much money that they are not working "for the people, by the people". Isn't that a line from a famous piece of American history? Insurance is pretty much monopilized by these big companies that the bottom line is PROFIT!! I guess I was looking for more people with issues with health insurance or business owners/self-employed people that would speak up.

    God bless America!
    And God bless you all!

    Even you Misfit!! LOL This won't be the first thread you've had to close because of me!
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