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  1. Just happened on this site about a week ago and I really enjoy reading your threads and info about fishing. I don't know if this is the right forum to post this but reading all these threads about Cj Brown brought back alot of great fishing "trips". Is anyone here old enough to remember the late 80's early 90's fishing there? Back then I and would go fishing every night during the spring and fall. Walleye's were everywhere. Remember using a 1/8 jig,mr twister and just limit out every night with 14 to 20" walleye fishing the riprap(rock wall by spillway). Only keep a few now and then but man that was GREAT fishing. What happened to CJ? Only been there a few times this year and caught nothing. Anyone else remember those days? Anyway just ranting and really like this site. Thanks for the read......Dan
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    there once was a thread "what happened to cj" most of us no many discussions were brought up there. The fishing a cj has deffinetly gone down alot!!!!! most ppl think b/c of the lowering of the water when they put the ramp in didnt help any. Everyone will surely put there input in again i will just say its terrible now and its only purpose which is now growing is pb's they're everywhere u can barely get a line in at nite! Its fishable deffenitly but its not as good as it used to be and there are still fish to be caught but its nothin like erie ;) good fishing-nsof

  3. I remember in the late 80's trolling at nite in front of the beach.Picked up some nice eye's on shadraps.Also a 23'' lm one nite casting on a drift. Jeff.