Anyone remember the headboat "Clevelander"?

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    Late eighties, early nineties... I used to go out from Scranton road on a boat named the Clevelander... anyone remember this one? What happened to it?
  2. Crazy horse had a "head" boat leaving each evening around the same timeframe. Used to fish for night walleyes off edgewater (government pier) and see (hear) the boat cruise through.

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    jennis9 Fish against the fish...

    SC - you are off topic. Not appreciated.
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  4. The only boat that runs out of the Cuyahoga now is "The Holiday". They load up down on Scranton Rd. too. $30 for a 6 hr perch trip.
  5. This goes way back but I remember, it was docked by Jim's steak house in the flats. It was modified from a fireboat and run by Hal Ritchey who sold it to his first mate John who moved the boat to Huron. This was in the late eighties, I made many trips on it Clevelander-s.jpg ! I think the boat is still around doing charters.
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  6. I remember the Clevelander and the "Wanell" I think that's how you spell it. Fished from them both when I was a kid.

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  7. A few years ago the Clevelander was docked out of Sawmill, then it mover to Battery park in Sandusky. John LISLE[SPELLING?] had it then. Lost track of it this year.
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  8. I was told by a man that was John's first mate a few years back, that the boat was sold. He said it was originally an old PT Boat and that it brought quite a price. John afterward bought a different boat, calling it the "Clevelander 2", think it was based out of Sandusky for a while. I'm sure there's more to this story, I may contact my friend and get details.
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    A few years ago she was running out of Sandusky behind the police station. Looks way different than the pic, may be the clevelander 2?
  10. I remember.
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  11. Clevelander still running out of Sandusky,new boat this year,done well on three trips this year.I fished the Wannel many times and Holiday a lot of great times.