Anyone recommend a outdoor security camera system?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Orlando, May 4, 2008.

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    I thinking of intstalling a outdoor security camera system. Can anyone recommend a decnt one without breaking the bank? I know absolutly nothing about these. I have had my truck broke into twice in the last two weeks. First time I left it unlocked and they just went through it and found a bottle of prescrpition pills. I started locking it and the sonofa##### broke out the window this time. Nothing in it to take. Wish I would have left it unlocked, atleast I wouldnt have to get new glass. The same night they hit the neighbors also. I live in a small town so if I could get them on camera they could probably be identified. Probably a bunch of punk kids. Any opinions on cameras is appreciated. Thanks
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    First let me say you will get what you pay for... I recommend what's called a day/night camera. I would avoid the Sam's Club and Radio Shack type of equipment. You may find what you need on Ebay.

    Look for a cheap DVR (digital video recorder). A VCR won't give you as high quality of image. Plus, it is easy to work with. I would suggest purchasing a camera that has a lens that has a varifocal lens that goes up to at least 25mm, preferably 50mm. That will allow you room to play with the zoom and get the field of view that you want.

    Pay close attention to the LUX level of the cameras. The lower the number in the LUX level, the higher quality the image you will get at night (anything under 1 LUX will be good). Another option some cameras have for low light is called an infared illuminator. The day/night cameras have the best technology for operating at high quality in varying light conditions. Your best bet for value is a small dome camera, plus most of them are built to work outdoors. In regards to a DVR, many of them offer the abilty to only record when motion is detected in the camera. You set the parameters within the field of view where the camera will detect motion (i.e. near your truck). This is nice because you can block out the road and the recorder will not trigger when every car passes by.

    Most recorders (DVR, VCR) have BNC outputs for a monitor. BNC connectors are for coax cable. The most common camera cable is RG 59. You will also need to consider a power source for the camera. Most come with a transformer.

    You can take the BNC video output from the recorder and convert it to an F connector (standard cable tv connector) or RCA connector and connect it to a TV. All of these are readily available at Radio Shack. I would run the cable to a TV in my bedroom. If you hear something at night... just turn the TV on and you can view it, without having to buy a security monitor.

    There is a security equipment store called ADI, I recommend finding your closest store. Feel free to PM me with any further questions. I secure banks for a living, so I have a pretty good idea what I'm talking about ;)

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    check home depot. i saw a few at ours in niles, went back to check them out again and they were sold out.
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