anyone recommend a good engine flush for a truck?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by iam20fan, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. i would like to do a engine flush on this truck i just bought before i changed the oil. i will be filling the crankcase with vavoline maxx life 10w30 with a fram oil filter.
  2. I would not recommend doing an engine flush. I have had 2 engine jobs at my shop because of it. One was a Ford E350, the chemical used caused the paint to soften and flake off of the inside of the oil pan. Which in turn clogged the oil pump pickup screen and at highway speeds very quickly killed the motor. The other one was a very slugged up engine that got a flush. Again on this one the sludge broke off and clogged the pickup screen. If you think you have a lot of sludge build up I would just recommend good oil and maybe some marvel mystery oil for the lifters. Just my 2 cents;)

  3. While not the most experienced car fixer guy, I would recomend against the fram filter. It has to many complaints about their drainback valve and end cap construction (Cardboard, instead of metal)for me to trust them. I would go with wix, or purolator.
  4. Who paints the inside of an oil pan? Whoever did that deserves having his oil sump clogged. Fram filters are fine too. I've used them for about 200,000 miles of driving, never had any problems. I've never seen what bigun is referring to...the cardboard endcap. I doubt there is any cardboard in an oil filter, the filter element is certainly not cardboard.
  5. Here is a site with cutaways, descriptions and reviews of alot of oil filters used today, It shows the endcap construction, anti drainback construction, bypass construction, filter media parameters etc. If fram filters work for you use em. I was just offering my opinion, and we all know about them.
  6. Big_b16, Ford has done it for awhile on their steel pans and I know some old racers that smoothed out the inside of their blocks and painted them for better oil return. It's not a bad thing as long as chemicals are not introduced that can eat the paint
  7. Something you might want to try before doing a flush.... Change the oil every 3000 miles as normal but change the filter every 1500 and top off the oil. No matter what filter you use, they can only collect so much dirt before they start pushing the oil through the bypass to keep pressure up. A good oil and frequent oil filter changes to keep it clean will do wonders for cleaning an engine out. Its a bit more costly then an engine flush but has much less chance of unforeseen consequences.

    How old is the truck and how many miles are on it? I believe that the Max Life oil is a synthetic or synthetic blend. While synthetics help protect engines and improve gas mileage, they are also much more likely to find every little leak that might exist. I know this particular oil is advertised for high mileage engines but not necessarily the best choice for an engine that has never had synthetic ran through it.

    Just my 2 cents.... take it for what it's worth!
  8. You can actually use diesel fuel to flush your engine since there isnt much difference.
  9. i am been reading up on it and i am not going to do it. i bought a fram high miliage oil filter and 5 quarts of vavoline max life 10w30 and called it a day
  10. That was a fairly robust study. I noticed it was last updated in 2000. I went to the Fram site and didn't find much as for specifics. They have a pic that appears to have metal endcaps but it might just be for effect. Now that I'm curious, I'm going to have to tear the one I have apart when I change it out to see if they've changed the manufacturing process since that study was conducted. Thanks for the link.
  11. Whenever you get around to it post your results or PM me, Im curious as well.