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Anyone own an olds Alero or small car?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Stampede, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Stampede

    Stampede The Fish Feeder

    Does anyone here have an olds alero.My wife has one and i was wondering if other alero's or other small cars have the same trouble.It's an 2002 and every since say the first 3 to 4000 miles the brakes make a lot of noise when stopping.She took it back at around 12,000 when it sounded bad and they turned the rotors and replaced the was ok for a while but as more miles go buy the worse the sound gets.It was sounding like the shoes were gone and grinding into the rotors but there not.Now at 25,000 or so i replaced the metallic shoes with ceramics and put new rotors on and it's a lot better but you can still hear the brakes.Kinda sounds like a grinding noise when you stop.Anyone else experence any thing like this?
    Signed puzzled in batavia :confused:
  2. I have a 1998 olds Intrigue, which was the forerunner of the Alero. I have had the same problem. I just had the rotors replaced and new pads. It didn't solve the problem. The brakes don't always make that grinding sound, but when they do, they really grind hard. I check the rotors from time to time and they seem to run really hot when this happens.
    It is always the front brakes that do this.

  3. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    my girlfriend drives one and we drove it down to FL for spring break and i can never remember this problem coming up with the car.
  4. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    My girlfriend's Neon (2001) has something like that. First it seemed like the front brakes were doing it. Changed the pads. the old ones were not gone, but could be changed. seemed to help. then the rear ones were making this grinding sound. not always, but mostly when you would first start going. the first couple stops were terrible. since I don't know vehicles, drums brakes are not for me. had them in to get the drums done, the guy says with only 50000 miles on it, you should not need drum brakes. he takes a look and says they are fine. He also said that his mother has a car just like ours and that hers do the same. he said he has put new brakes on and even new drums. Still does it. says we pretty much have to live with it. no prob. for me. It has not been doing it any more unless it has rained. then the first stop sign gets some screeching, but not too may just have to live with it like we are!
  5. I was a certified in brake work before I went to my present job, and still work on them from time to time, brakes are one of the things that I make 100% right every time I work on them. That being said, disk brakes have a bad habit of glaseing, when they glase up they will squeal,and make all kind of funny noises. Also any time you stop heat is transfered to the rotors and they will warp, hence the importance of turning the rotors EVERY time the brakes are done. On my 94 cougar when I first start out, parked a lot, it does grind at first. I found out that the rotors had rust on them and I needed to clean the rust off. When I replace the pads on my cars I use a softer pad and most of the time I have no noise from the brakes. If a car makes a grinding noise every time you stop some thing is wrong. The best advice I can give is to see if another shop will look at it. Some places just change parts, they don't take the time to find the problem.
  6. Fastlane

    Fastlane Fishless as usual

    It is due to the compounds used in the brake pads and shoes. It is very common in small cars but like Rockbass said, it is something we learn to live with. When you use metallic pads you are rubbing metal; against metal when you apply the brakes. And they get HOT. Especially in town. When things get hot they expand and when they cool the contract. This ever so slight change in the pad/rotor causes uneven contact and results in a rapid vibration and hence the noise. One way around it is to use slotted or crossdrilled rotors. But they are expensive. I guess it is more common in smaller cars because I have never heard it in my truck but I have in my Neon, my Fiero, and my Escort.

    One thing I have learned though, no matter what kind of car you drive you should never wash it if you have been in heavy traffic for a while or made a recent panic stop. The sudden rush of cold water can warp or crack your rotors.
  7. Contact GM again and ask if they have a fix for it yet.Sometimes shim kits take care of it sometimes it is the driver or bad design :) Good luck
  8. I have a 99 Dodge Stratus with the same problem. Changed to the ceramic pads and its helped but still squeak a little once in a while, I've just got used to it.
  9. Good info Fastlane. Something I had never thought about.
  10. Stampede

    Stampede The Fish Feeder

    It had metalic pads and i changed to ceramics.It still does it but not as bad.It's not the squeeking sound but like a light grinding,hard rubbing noise.If it keeps up i'll have to have checked into more.