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Anyone own a chevy colbalt HERE'S WHAT I GOT!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fish4Fun, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    Anyone have any information on the chevy colbalts iam looking at buying one. Trade my truck for one.
  2. Fastlane

    Fastlane Fishless as usual

    Trading your truck! How could you? Just kidding. I personally can't advise you on that one but a Cobalt is basically the replacement for the aged Cavalier. The new Ecotech engine is pretty popular for the tuners and is a respectable engine. Down side is that the engine is not time proven but looks like it will be a winner. If you are looking for economy and a basic grocery getter it may be a good choice. CHeck out for reviews from actual owners.

  3. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    Ya looking for gas mileage and new. I can get a 2006 4dr colbalt power everything cd etc for my truck and $200 cash given to me. decisions!!
  4. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned


    the rest of this post is random drivel since the site won't let me post just the letters STI. Says post is too short. That should do it.
  5. Personally I would wait until next year and buy one. There are always problems to be worked out when a new model comes out. Remember Patience is a virtue.

    Good Luck

  6. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Jerry has your hanky dried out yet? I know if I sold my truck I would still be crying.
  7. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    lol ya it is still wet, this is the 2nd year for the colbalts i bought a 2006
  8. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    2006 Chevy Colbalt 2 dr coupe, 5sp manual, power, cd etc.
  9. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    Sharp ride there Jerry. I'm sure your wallet will enjoy the break!
  10. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    Wheres the trailer hitch ? :D
  11. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    lol thats going on the mini van until i pick up an old beater s10