Anyone Out There Like Me?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dumbagain, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. sitting here today checking out all the fishing forums i realized something....

    i really miss getting out there and fishing. it seems that other things in my life have been occupying all my time. i am reduced to checking out others adventures and fishing pics (thank god i can at least do that).

    just wondering if there are others out there feeling the same way?

    i will eventually have time to get out, i am not stuck in this rut forever, it just kinda dawned on me today.

  2. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    nope. you're not alone. with work and school I seem to have little time to do what I want to.

    sometimes I wonder what the point of working so much is if I can't ever do anything I want...

  3. It comes with age......
  4. snake69

    snake69 Equal opportunity fishing

    I can say only a few things. One, I go into it late in life, I'll be 50 in a few weeks and have only fished maybe 8-9 yrs, but it now consumes my thoughts and wallet. Two, starting next week, we start our overtime,10 hour days and 5 days a week and in a month or so, it'll be 6 day weeks with only one day to fish. And #3, I have 5 kids so even Sundays are sometimes out of the question! So I'm saying, even though I do fish regularly, I can still relate to what you're saying. All I can say to you, is get out there and do it. What's holding you back? I've fished all winter. Either ice fished or hit the Ohio River... Get out there and enjoy yourself. Find time, even if it's a few hours every other week. It will make a difference in many aspects. You only live once...!!
  5. Wannabitawerm

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    Fishing is like intimacy... if you have kids, you gotta make time 'cause you never just have it.
  6. Ever since i got a job my fishing time has been cut down 80-90% Now i go when everyone else does THE WEEKEND, :(
  7. we are called weekend warriors for reason. I have my first child on the way in late August so I plan to hit the water very hard this spring and summer.
  8. Sure I've felt that way I can't tell you how many times. But its like anything else in life, where on the priority list is your fishing? I'm not saying anything good, bad or otherwise as to what your answer would be, after all, its your list. Though I do miss fishing right now, I do make up for some of it by making lures and working with tackle, especially now, but when the weather breaks I gear up and get ready for tournament season, and pond fishing when I can fit it in. Fishing is always something to look forward to and getting out and doing, at least for me, but then its first on my list:D
  9. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    yep thats me in a nut shell

    but when............ i hit it............. i hit it .........HARD
  10. wow! I am lucky. I could get out every day if I wanted. I only work until 3:30 and I am not to far from some good fishing. I am goin to try and get all of the fishing in that I can while I am still young and have the energy to do so.

    But I still like to read about other guys days on the water.
  11. cantsleep

    cantsleep 3rd shift blues

    i feel that way. My kids are now 16 and 20, so I'm finally getting out of the stage of their lives that seems to literally take up all of my time. Ball practice, dance lessons, library, school.. seems like all I could do was run my kids around. (and before anyone says anything, I wouldn't change a thing)
    Now, with my daughter driving, I'm finally getting to where I can make some time for fishing. Still not close to the amount of time a lot of people here spend on the water, but much better than all those years where I would maybe get out 2-3 times a year.
  12. I work in valley view right next to the cuyhoga river, right ourside works door is a nice riffle holding smallies year round, but every day i get off work even if i have my gear with me i just want to get out of that area and all the stress's around work. heck i could fish every day if i wanted to but no i head home and fix up/clean around the house and daydream about fishing hopefully this spring/summer i will be done around the house and be able to do MORE FISHING. hell even when i was in the corps i did more fishing then i do now
  13. i was the same way and let me tell you after moving,getting married,taking care of 2 kids.....i found myself sitting in the rain catching nothing but a cold....but it was worth it!!!!!!!!!
  14. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Dumbagain..........Bottom line........guy's, that fish (REALLY LIKE TO FISH) like to be around guys that fish... WHY? talk fishing /listen about ideas/ give out ideas and what better way to cover so much ground...... than thru these forums.....It brings you so close to the action that you can taste it. I followed these forums for almost three years, before I got into it...... Wasn't sure it was for me.....Why? I've spent 50 plus years learning and happily catching all the fish that I could ever dream of mostly all on my own.......Learning the hard way....Picking up what I could from where I could and putting it all together...DO I THINK THAT I'AM BETTER THAN OTHER FISHERMEN......that I come into contact with........Hell no... I still try and learn something new every day.... Never will stop learning....I've fished lots of different places and plenty of types of fish and that also helped be a better fisherman.. DO I NEED THIS INTERNET TO BE A BETTER FISHERMAN.........NO......... I do just fine fishing on my own but I DO ENJOY THE STORIES AND IDEAS THAT FLOW THRU THESE PAGES.........