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Anyone Make their own Lures?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by CShaver8, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    I have been thinking about making my own lures for qiute awhile, and i think i am ready to start. It will give me something to do in the winter, and looks like a great deal of fun. I would like to make spinnerbaits/ buzzbaits, and possibly carving my own crankbaits and painting them. Do any of you guys have any tips for me? What kind of tools would i need?

  2. mrfishohio

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  3. I make crawler harnesses and i have tried crankbaits. I order some blank bodies from janns and painted them. I also tried to make them from wood. Only 1 turned out , its hard to balance them so they run how they should. Good luck! Its a lot of fun catching fish on something you made.
  4. Thanks guys. I know how it feels when a lure works. I made a spinnerbait that worked the first cast.

    What kind of knife would i need to cut the wood?
  5. I have been making some lures for almost a year now, jig heads, vib-e type, and tail spinners. I picked up a book, The complete book of tackle making, and it has a lot of info. in it. You might want to check it out. It is a great feeling to catch fish on a lure that you made but it feels better when the guys you are fishing with want you to make some up for them. Good luck! You may make the next fishing must have lure.
  6. I used to make and sell some Bass Flipping jigs but now I just make them for myself. I decided it was too much work to make them for others for the little bit of money that I'd make on them.
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    In regards to making to sell, People don't understand that while it might only be a buck or two for parts, it still takes time to make a lure, and get it to work the way it should.

    But you are right, there is nothing likle catching fish on a rig you made yourself.
    I thought of making Panther Martin style in-line spinners, they sell for @2.50-3.00, and I can order everything including paint,blades, bodies, wires, hooks,etc. for around .80 a piece, so after all the work of paint, and assy. and packaging, your only going to make around a buck cause you can't sell for the same that Panther Martin does cause you don't have a name.

    I agree, go to, they have just about everything you could need.
  8. THanks guys. I doubt i would really make lures to sell, although i guees i could make specialty lures by request.
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    I make my own bass jigs, ball head jigs, spinner baits, and a few buzz baits. Been doing it for awhile keeps me out of trouble.
  10. Do you have any pictures, or tips on making jigs and spinnerbaits/ buxxbaits?
  11. I started out making jigs. I use a production pot with my molds, found it at a yard sale for 5 bucks, but a friend uses a electric ladle. I like the powder paint the best, easy to use and I like the way they come out, heat with a lighter, dip and you are done. I have been using grubs on my jigs so I can't tell you about tying bucktails, thats what I plan on trying this winter. All of my molds came from Do-it but I found that the Old Dutchman, near Hoover, sells the same molds a little cheaper. Like the other guys I use old wheel weights for my lead, I get it for free. The one thing I found out the hard way, wasted some hooks and blade blanks, is to make sure that the molds are warm. I have been pouring four to five runs without the hooks to warm the molds. I still get a few odd looking jigs every now and again. I hope this helps good luck and have fun.
  12. Here is a link that has a tutorial for making bucktails, spinner baits are basicly the same principal.

    I buy pre-poured spinnerbaits and add the blades and skirts that I want, spinner baits are pretty simple to make but you will need a pair of round nose pliers, note that is round nose not needle nose.

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    ocdfishguy... iv never heated my molds but i could understand why to do it.. but when i get a mest up looking jig i just use pliers to hold the hook and dip the jig in the hot lead in the pot.... usually cleans all the lead off and reuse the hook....
  14. Good ideas guys. Thanks for all your help.
  15. Cincy style shad........

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  16. thats a sweet lure!!!

    Are those mad eout of plastic or wood?
  17. Those are balsa...My own design.. Thru wire, weighted lips

    You can make cranks...go here for all the info you will ever need..

    They have info for spinners/ handpours/ cranks/ hybrids

    an online forum. You must create a name and password to see the pics..