Anyone make rubber piping?

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  1. I love that Strike King puts it on their spinner baits to hold the trailer hooks rather than using the surgical tubing because it allows the hook to move more freely. I measured the little thick wall tubing they use and it's 1/16" walls with a 1/16" hole in the middle. Anyone ever make anything like this or know where I could get some?

    I've done the hole punch with the milk cartons but they just don't stay on right for me. I don't get why they don't sell the tubing...
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    go to a hardware store

  3. I went to Home Depot and they didn't have any that small. However, I did find that a thicker jig skirt collar, while having a lower durometer, is basically what I wanted.
  4. has a variety of plastic and rubber tubing with 1/16" ID and 1/16" walls.
  5. Checked Petco, too. The aquarium hose was different.
  6. Thanks! That's perfect!