anyone lose their boat on the Cuyahoga River?

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    Loose boat fished out of Cuyahoga River
    By Beacon Journal staff report
    POSTED: 11:38 a.m. EDT, Oct 23, 2007
    Cuyahoga Falls fire personnel were called out about 10:30 this morning to fish an unoccupied rowboat out of the rain-swollen Cuyahoga River.
    It is believed the small boat broke loose from an upriver mooring, a police dispatcher said.
    A water department employee first noticed the boat heading downstream and notified the department, she said.
    The boat went over the dam just north of Broad Street.
    Firefighters pulled the boat out of the river at the Portage Trail bridge using pike poles.

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    If it's the same boat I saw along the banks of the cuyahoga back in August- You ain;t missing much.

    We were floating from Kent down to Cuyahoga/Munroe Falls, and I remember seeing a delapidated row boat mostly filled with debris ; caught up in a strainer in the last shallow before the stretch leading to the old Munroe Falls dam.

    I doubt she was seaworthy when the current found her again-

    More likely a tacky landscape feature was overcome in a riverside neighborhood.