Anyone looking for a Maint. Tech job???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skarfer, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. My wife is looking to fill a Maintenance Tech job where she works. Must have experience in the residential atmosphere - handyman type of work. Some electrical, some drywall repair, painting, plumbing, hvac......etc.

    It does call for weekend/late night work - but only when you're called out for emergencies.

    Pays up to $14.00/hr with bonus medical,'s a good job for the right person.

    She's been having some trouble lately getting a decent - hard working - HONEST person to be fully committed to this job.

    I told her I would post on here - and hopefully get someone as described above - that can use a job in these hard times - help someone out too.

    please email me your resume at and I'll forward her your resume.....if you don't have a resume, then email me your contact info (name, address, phone).

    This is a SOLID company that as long as you do your work, when told and are honest and don't take advantage - this is a GREAT job. NOT hard at all........but some people just like to take advantage of every situation.
  2. wanted to note this job is in the Barberton area...........