Anyone know anything about Vesuvius?

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  1. I've never been fishing down there but a friend of mine invited me to go camping in a couple weeks. Figured I'd take the opportunity to check out a lake that's new to me. I mostly plan on goin after bass and cats. Is this lake any good for those species? Any pointers?

    I haven't seen a lot on the boards or anywhere online about this lake. I'm thinkin' either it's really good and no one's talkin' or it's really bad.

    Any info is appreciated!
  2. It's a volcano in Italy I think. About the lake, I have no idea, sorry.


  3. You might get a response over in the SE Ohio section. That lakes pretty much on the imaginary border between the SW and SE sections but the DNR places the lake in the SE territory. I've never fished it but know it used to serve the iron furnaces in Ironton. It was drained in 2001 and not restocked until 2004 so I wouldn't get my hopes up for any :B

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    I lived near that lake for a few years and never fished it. I drove over to check it out one day but never saw anyone fishing it. The area I was in had a lot of good cover but like someone else posted it was drained in 2001 and restocked in 2004. Don't know what would be in there but small fish. If you try it be sure to post your catches with us.
  5. Yep, I did see that it had been drained a few years back on the ODNR website, i think it was. I'll give it a shot while I'm down there. I'll be sure to post the results. Thanks for the info guys. It's appreciated
  6. They have built a fishing access with submurged cover that's supposed to be pretty nice. I haven't fished it since it was drained and re done. Swing by Greenup Dam if you feel the need to catch a Hybrid Striper or 2.
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    I grew up in Ironton and fished it quite a bit, mostly when I was younger and not quite the angler I am now ;) I'm not sure on the draining/restocking dates, but that sounds about right.

    I had also read somewhere that a lake that is drained and refilled can have a quick rebound because the lake bottom has time to "air out" and get some fresh oxygen which helps the fish grow more quickly. Of course it seems to me that the dying vegetation might use it up!?

    At any rate, when I fished it, I would generally start at the beach area - basically a big U turn from the dock - back to the creek mouth (Paddle Creek I think). There were lots of lilys back there and some rock cover, but there was always a path through the lilys that I think followed the creek bed. You should be able to find a great map since the lake was recently drained. You might check the Tackle Box in Ironton, he should have maps and some info (Mark I think is his's been a while).

    Please post the results. My parents still live there and I've had good intentions to get back there and try it out since it was refilled but haven't made the trip yet (with my gear anyway).