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Anyone Know Anything About Air Cooled Outboards?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by eye4neye, May 21, 2004.

  1. I Am Going To Look At An Aire Cooled? Motor This Weekend...cant Remember The Make But It Is A 2.7 Horse...just For A Backup In Case Of Problems With My Johnson...but To Be Honest I Have Never Heard Of An Air Cooled Outboard Before...should I Stay Away Or Are They Ok...thanks Alot Are All Great For Answering All Of My Questions All Of The Time...eye(tony)
  2. hope you dont have any problems with your johnson...if you do a new outboard isn't goin to

  3. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    they usually are a noisy motor. briggs and stratton has one and it's a 5 hp. most sears motors are air cooled.
  4. paco


    my grandpa used to use a clinton (think that was the name) it was noisy and the recoil spring like to break along with the rope but it was is a good little motor . it is really light too .
  5. I have just bought my 5 hp Briggs and love it. There abit louder than the 2 stroke, but I can run mine without being in water. No mixing gas and oil. It pushes my little 12 ft boat around the lake very well for the money. As for price, You cant beat the price. I paid dealer cost at 599. and shipping was 22.00 and that comes with oil for the crankcase and a remote 3 gallon tank. Glenn :cool:
  6. Thanks Guys For The Info, But I Have Decided To Pass On It, Because I Was Told It Was A 7 And It Actually Turned Out To Be A 2 Hp Engine, But You Are Right, It Ran Great And The Thing Was Super Light.....just Dont Think It Would Do My 16fter Much Good If My Johnson Goes Down Again...thanks Alot----eye(tony)
  7. Mind passing on the info about where this motor was? i need a small outboard for my 12 ft car topper. This may be the perfect little motor for putting around the small ponds n lakes i fish.
  8. i have a 2.2 johnson like new ill sale for 280
  9. huntinbull

    ive got the guys name and number here if you want me to i could call him or even give you his number and you could call him...shoot me a pm and ill get all the info to ya...he wanted 150 for it, and it did run real nice....eye(tony