Anyone in C-Bus up for 6-7am fishing?

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by brhoff, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Hate to try and form a group, club or any such contrivance but perhaps those that toss a fly might be interested in gathering from week to week in a local hole.

    I can generally hit the water between 6-10 am most weekends and have found Highbanks, Scioto Park, Big Walnut to be enjoyable...maybe others would like to join in?

    Nothing formal, gather opinons on a spot, meet up, fish, leave...home in time for family if need be.

    Post your thoughts.
  2. Really can't commit on a weekly basis since I never know what the "Honey-Do" list is going to have on it. I wouldn't mind knowing where people are going to be though. Sundays are usually my better day.
    Brhoff - You ever fished the Scioto below the 270 bridge on the north end?

  3. Live2fish, that is the spririt of what I was looking for, perhaps a few of us would drop a posting for upcoming plans if company is welcome...I have a tough time comitting to a regular thing as well.

    My Scioto experience is limited to the park and maybe a mile or so north and south of it. The Scioto is just big enough that I take extreme caution when in new hung up in some quickly rising water last year after a morning rain and really had to scramble to get out of there.
  4. big_fish

    big_fish the fish whisperer

    wish I lived closer I'm about 2 hours n/e of you I had been thinking of something like that but it seems we are very limited to people flyfishing around here (rayland ohio area) maybe I'l make the trip down one weekend:)
  5. Utard


    I'd definitely be in. 6-8 or so (maybe even earlier) is about the only time I have open to fish these days. Sounds like the consensus is not something weekly but more like random-weekly or something. I will certainly post my plans if/when I have them.
    Good idea brhoff.
    I've really been aching to get my float tube out too. I just found what looks to be an absolute dynamite place at Alum just off one of the trails that takes off from the Old St. Beaver Pond (brhoff, you know the one I'm talking about).
  6. Groucho, I think.

    BR - Early is always good, us old folks don't get much sleep. I've been meaning to try the Scioto, so if there's room for another set of feet, let me know. I like the informality. I'll certainly try to post a few days in advance of where & when I'll be trying. Scioto Park is on my list as soon as this water calms down. Anyone fish weekday evenings?

    BigFish - Where do you fish? Have you tried FFing at Knox Lake?
  7. Rweis,

    I think Scioto Park might be a great place to get together one AM in the next couple of weeks...I don't get in there if the guage is much over 3 feet so I'll have to wait until it's down some.

    Evening fishing will be possible as the summer progresses, the kids have a couple of out of town trips planned that will allow the time for me.

    I'll keep an eye on the guage and post when I might head out again...could even be this weekend if we get no rain for a bit. We are at 5.47 feet right now...down 2 feet from the 8th or so.

    If not maybe we could hit the Big Walnut or some other small water.