Anyone here have a Florida CCW to carry in Ohio?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Orlando, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Orlando

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    Me and my daughter took the required CCW class yeaterday. Along 12 hr day and a cold few hrs on the range. They were pushing the Florida license, reason being it covers more states ,is for 7 years is easier to get. Cons are it does cost more. Is there anyone here that has gone this route and have you had any issues?Thanks guys
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    if you live in fla or have a winter home, fine get it, if not stay with the ohio, why complicate things? it makes it look like your trying to hide something holding 2 licenses. if i had an instructor telling me i needed to get an out of state license when my ohio license is honored in fla, he probably would have thrown me out of his class for my next statement towards him. why give the anti's more ammo?

  3. Orlando

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    ezbite, nothing illegal about it people do it all the time. Many get the Ohio and Florida as it gives you a total of 36 states. Some only get the florida which covers many states Ohio doesnt. I would say probably 75 people in the class yesterday applied for the Florida license and are Ohio residents , this license will also cover them in Ohio and 27 other states . Its alittle more expensive but can apply through the mail and is good for 7 years, nothing complicated about it. Not sure I;m going this way just asking if anyone else has
  4. I am a bit confused. Can I get a Florida CCW permit without being a resident?

    If so do I just take the Ohio CCW training course and then mail in my info to Florida?

    Never heard of this, but if it opens up more states maybe it is worth it.
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    I've had my ohio since they came in. Don't travel much so don't need Florida permit. Don't even carry much, bought it mainly to support our rights and still keep it. Use it mostly for when me and the wife go fishing and camping. I'm getting to the age that I may not be able to protect her at times. My 40-40 just relieves my tensions if you know what I mean. Like they say, Don't mess with the weak or the elderly. They just may KILL YOU!
  7. Makes sense to me to go ahead and get it if you will be traveling through the states that do not honor Ohio's, otherwise might not be worth the extra cash.

    Thanks for the new info, something I will remember when I get my ccw permit.
  8. I have a non resident permit from Florida. I was upset with something Governor Taft and her husband were doing at the time concerning concealed carry. I thought "Screw 'em. I'm not giving Ohio a dime if I don't have to".

    I have had one cop just shrugg his shoulders at me regarding Florida's permit. An FBI agent argued that I was in violation of Ohio's concealed carry law. Go figure. My wife has three. Ohio, Florida and New Hampshire...
  9. ezbite

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    im not saying its illegal, i just dont see the need to carry one for another state if your not a resident of that state.
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    I have out of state CC Permits from both NH and PA. If I remember correctly the total costs for both were $90 and were obtained through the mail in about 4 weeks. If you travel and want to be able to legally carry your concealed weapon in other states, you need additional licenses /permits from other states. The only thing a FL permit gets you that a PA and NH permit don’t is the state of Nevada and the cost is $117 last time I looked. Since I travel to TX quite frequently (daughter in school there), I can legally carry all the way except for the state of Illinois.

    That’s why it makes sense to get additional out of state permits/licenses if you travel frequently.
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    If you have the Ohio CHL (it is NOT a permit) and you go to Florida on Vac, all you can carry is a handgun. But if you go to Florida and you have their "Concealed WEAPON or firearm Liscense, You can carry any type of weapon your heart desires. Ohio allows you to carry ONLY a Concealed Handgun. Florida is any WEAPON or HANDGUN. BTW Yes I have both;)
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    I believe all states should do what Arizona does. It allows any resident to carry a gun, loaded, in their car, on their person ,or anything else for that matter, as long as a pistol is in it's holdster. Truly,this state, is still the wild west. THE CATKING !!! ( was watching cops just the other night and heard this info)....but my son lived in Arizona for a couple years, and I knew about their freedoms.....
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    Went to local Sheriffs Ogffice and picked up packet today and will drop it off Saturday. Thanks for the opinions guys