Anyone Hear how Milton Lake is doing

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    I was going to go out to Milton, and just wanted to know if anyone heard how they were doing out there?
  2. Surface temp on the south end was most 51 degrees.
    We fished for a couple hours from a boat. 1 - 17" eye in less than 4ft of water. That was the only hit we had.
    Didn't mark hardly any fish on the depth finder either.
    Saw a couple guys wading but they were gone by the time I loaded the boat.

    A lady at the Point View ramp had a couple tiny perch last night.

  3. I was there a week ago bass fishing (or what ever bites at the time!) and launched at the ramp at Mahoning. Water around there was in the upper 50's until later, then of course, it dropped. I hit some 62 degree water on the west bank of the bay north of 76. The only active fish I saw was carp getting frisky.
  4. yea i have been out their and water temps are 54-56 in some areas but we have been drifting a cauthing only a few fish per trip but did catch a 21 inch walleye two trips ago my pb for milton we have caught crappys oerch catfish and few walleye this weekend should be on fire
  5. My buddy and I have been out at the Gazebo and caught a perch and a channel cat off bottom, and a white bass off a green jig. Not really doing too well just yet, but heard the guys that have been wading have been catching a few walleye in the evening. Hopefully it will pick up here real soon. Good luck out there!!
  6. snag


    it was slow off the poinview area,no hits and no marks off the flat past the ramp quite a few guys out one boater said they were out since morning and nothing,this was at two pm,did get a nice channel and one nice crappie out in ten ft west side,the water is pretty stained also,a few waders out before dark.....
  7. Just got home from there as well. 2 white bass, one pretty goood size.

  8. Went to Milton today, got there about 7a.m. Fished around the gazebo area. We were fishing bottom and jiggin. Caught one little smally, and we fished till about 12:00. Hope everyone else is doing better. Any advice for us shore fisherman at Milton would be appreciated. Thanks and good luck!!
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    I'm new to lake milton , any suggestions as to where to start , to catch some fish. Walleye and Crappies. I have a 17'8 allumacraft with a 90hp and 9.9 kicker. possibly meet with someone to do some fishing.
  10. Might be a dumb question but I thought I'd ask anyhow. Seems like Milton has been tough fishing so far this year. Could it be because the lake was several feet lower all winter? Most of the south end was only a creek.

    Just curious,

    PS I have seen more carp jumpin this year than I can remember in the past.
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    Just got back from Milton. Landed probably easily 20 nice white bass, 2 decent channels, one lg mouth and 5 nice walleye. I'm fairly new to Milton, and went with my buddy and his son who obviously know the lake pretty good. It was pretty good action for the 5 hrs we were there. Fished between the last bridge and the Pointview ramp. Seen four other boats in and around the sandbar. It looked like they were vertically jigging. Curious how they did. I've never done very well there, and now I know why, I was mainly just trolling/long lining behind the boat, and that's pretty much hit and miss, I s'pose....
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    Nice Job Snake

    That sounds like a great day to me. Just started fishing Milton myself last year. Looking forward to day like yours with a bonus Muskie to top it off.
    Is that asking for to much.:) Sounds like Milton is heating up.
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    Went over to Milton today (Sunday) with my son and Ohiojmj along. We were jigging the sandbar for a few hours and came home empty handed. Had a few bites but no hookups. It was more the shakedown cruise for the boat this year than any serious fishing and since everything worked like it was supposed to I call it a success.
  14. snake69

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    Just for the record Mike, I believe we had several "interested" muskie today. On 2 different occassions, the poles would bend way over and an empty line would come back, minus the jig that is. But I'm pretty sure each one of us had it happen at least once, mine just wasn't a pole bending experience like my buddy and his son. His son did the best of the day with 3-4 walleye and the 2 cats. The action stayed pretty good except for one short period where we thought we'd try another spot. When that didn't pan out, we went back to the first spot and started catching them again. And last year was also my first year there......
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    Good job at Milton Snake. I also started fishing that lake recently. I like it a lot. You never know what you will catch. I am thinking of going very soon. Sound like it is definately heating up. Thanks for the report.:)
  16. Was there Sunday also. Trolling small lures as we usually do on the south end. Caught 8 walleyes with 3 being keepers. Saw one guy who said he had his limit. Was my first time out this year, so not a bad start.
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    There si good walleye fishing all over that lake. I used to fish it alot 4-5 years ago. You can catch nice walleye bassfishing in some unusual places, but it makes sense if you take the time to learn the lake and follow the bait
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    I went to milton tonight. Did really well overall. Best catch was a channel cat hit my crappie set up on 4 pound test. Was one of my favorite top 3 crappie jigs and I didnt want to lose it so I was nervous the whole time he was goin to snap my line. I checked out the causway for about 1/2 an hour before I took off for home and saw a lot of fish being cought right before dark.
  19. Glad to see everyone is pretty much doing better than my buddy and I are. We normally fish the gazebo, or go to Millers landing at the picnic table. Seems they are hitting better closer in the evening huh. Have to try going later rather than in the morning I guess. Again, any help for us shore fisherman would be appreciated. Thanks and good luck!!
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    WOW, the response at Milton seems divided but more on the not so good side.
    I opted to go to mosquito, and did pretty well. Out of four fisherman (I use that term lightly) :) we caught 25 crappie and 10 perch, none of the perch were keeper size. the other two fishermen next to use caught 10 crappie apiece (The numbers are the ones everyone kept, other then the perch). The action at mosquito has really been heating up and this weekend should be no different. Thanks for all the Milton input, it really did help make my decision.