Anyone have Problems with Time Warner???

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  1. Called back in may to get the package 3-way deal for 99 dollars when TWC was advertising it every 3 seconds on TV. Also, we were suppose to get two Movie channels free for two months.

    Cable dude comes, didn't have our DVR box, and the cable box he gave us, sound didn't work :mad:Also, we didn't get any free movie channels as the Sales Rep on the phone promised:mad:

    TWC came out the next week, gave us our DVR box. Then we get our bill in the mail. Our package was listed at 155 plus tax!!!:mad:

    So I call them up, they say WE ARE NOT on any package deal. I sort it all out, They put us on the right package plan, refund me 54 dollars, I pay them their money owed, case closed...

    Till I check my bank account. They charged me TWICE to the tune of 389.14 dollars. When I call them, they tell me there's nothing they can do, other than take the money off my next bills, or I can wait 6-8 weeks for corporate to send me a refund....:mad:

    Gotta Love Time Warner.... I guess with Warner Cable, Customer Service really isn't very important to them. Which doesn't shock me... I had direct TV for over a year, how many similar problems did I have??? ZERO, DIRECT TV RULES. Only if my complex would allow Dishes.......

    PS. this also means I'm broke, thus I can't afford to go out fishing for the NEXT TWO WEEKS. Thanks Time Warner!!!
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    Absolutely one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with. Cust service is awful, we've been double charged twice and it took a battle to get them to credit, and the service for the money sucks.

    DirectTV is the BOMB! Still use TW for internet but I'm itchin to change that too.

  3. K gonefishin

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    TW SUCKS!!! I had major issues with them, even filed a complaint with BBB on them. Went back to DishNetwork through ATT, like I should have in the first damn place, now I'm happy ;)
  4. symba

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    My TW internet router broke last month. Electronics break, I understand. After talking to a lady for 40 minutes with a 3rd graders language skills and IQ, I had to go get another router at thier main office, or wait 6 days for a tech. So I pick up my router, brand new, still sealed in the plastic. I get home, call up TW, and try to register. They give me some BS about the brand new router still in plastic was already registered to someone else. Tell me I have to go up there again.

    I was thining about switching to WOW, anyone had any experience? Its really the only other alternative that I have in my location. Someone has to offer digital cable and High speed internet in a better fashion than the TW clowns.

    PS- TW sucks ;)
  5. I wish i had a choice like WOW!! At my location in Marysville, we can either get TWC, or bunny ears.... I'm thinking bunny ears are the better choice...
  6. I must be the lucky one. I've had them for about 5 years and have yet to have a problem. The one problem I did have was corrected quickly. When I first got the package I got a router that didn't work properly. I was told by the tech that came out to set up the new router that they knew that brand router was crap but they still sent them out anyways. Other than not having the DVR box that I was supposed to get I haven't had any problems. No big deal with the DVR. Just one less thing I have to learn how to use. :D
  7. Back in march I had time warner and called to cancel it due to moving and getting directTV. Well I waited around for my final bill and never got one. Well I waited and waited. I finally called to see what the deal was. The lady on the phone told me they had me set up for a disconnect due to non payment.

    I advised the lady that i called at the end of march and cancled it. She gave me the run around about having to pay it. Well finally i got pissed off and asked for the supervisor. The supervisor pulled up the call record of when I called. I advised them that was when I called to cancle it. The supervisor stated that who ever took the call failed to do their job. The supervisor took off all the extra fees and bills so I only owed my monthy payment.

    After that time warner and shove it.
  8. Other than $68/month for a line up of trash and couple channels that make me remember the days of black and white TV's, tall mast antenae, and fuzzy Toronto stations from Buffalo suburbs, no problem.

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    I hate them. period.

    We have the DVR service and have gone through THREE units in a year, cannot get movies on demand - we need to call the office hand have the reboot the machine anytime we want to order a movie! Whats the point?

    Then the wandering AT&T guys stopped by a few weekends ago - to waste our time with a bait and switch deal from the Uverse.... said we would get three DVRs and when he placed the order - they refused two DVRs and wanted to charge twenty dollars more a month... that was an hour and a half I'll never get back to fish.

    SO, we are going to drop cable and go with a 3,5,8,19 and 43 lineup and take advantage our netflixs membership more... and hop on the forum for entertainment. And read more books.

    Thanks for letting me rant... phew - that felt good. I know I'm not the only one here....

    Anyone use an internet TV like iTV or anything better?

    PS_ WOW! cable rocks, but not available here.
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    you guys aren't boosting my confidence much:p
    i have cable now,but just ordered a bundle due to the fact that my "supposed" good deal on phone and internet with another company wasn't such a good deal:(
    costs as much as tw's bundle when i add the cable,so i wanted to eliminate one bill a month by combining all three.i will say in the short time i've had cable(9 months)i've had no problems.

    but i long for the WOW days.
    before moving to newark i had them for 8 years with zero problems(last year with the digital bundle).so you can't go wrong with them.and if you need tech help,they speak very fluent english:D;)
    too bad tw is my only option where i live:(

  11. They are worth a look? I had no problems with Adelphia. When TW took over my rates went up, but service was still good (I work from home - internet). The past few weeks have uncovered outages, primarily late at night when I like to work. WOW sends me offers, but I haven't really looked into it since I was first selecting a provider and they wanted to charge me 15.00 per cable outlet for installation, which were already installed. My eight outlets made the installation price high enough that I went to adelphia [I had nearly every room wired for cable when the house was built]. Might have to see if they will make me a deal...
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    SC - if you have access to WOW - get it they are the best cable company... great CS, internet support, overall great company.

    They will even 'turn down' your cable if you reduce your viewing habits - I used to have them give me basic lineup in the summer - and then go to digital for the winter months.... no charge to change usage.

    I miss you WOW....
  13. UFM82

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    Time-Warner is a joke but due to our politicians wonderful sense of business they're the only game in town. I hate my cable but roadrunner is great.

    We always have snowy/grainy pictures on the upper stations. The TW guy that came out the first time actually told me that the picture gets fuzzier at night because more people are watching and that dilutes the signal. After looking at him to see if he was serious I told him to get the H-E-!! out of my house and send somebody that knows what they're doing. 2 guys later it still wasn't better and I gave up.

    Had one issue with RR at first- kept dropping like the modem was losing signal. After 4 techs and two in-the-ground cable replacements the last guy replaced the modem. Of course I had told them that it was the modem from the beginning but I'm just a stupid user, right? The new modem has worked fine for 4 years.

    I have experience with Direct and Dish and neither are any better from what I can tell.

  14. Lundy

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    Yes, bunches and bunches and bunches of service issues over 8-9 years.

    I changed over to Direct TV a year ago for TV and kept RR for Internet, it was my only real option. When I moved I kept Direct TV and was able to get DSL in my new location. My DSL is as fast or faster than my Roadrunner was and zero problems with either to date.
  15. DaleM

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    Boy- I must also be one of the few lucky ones. I have had TW for over 20 years ( my old house and here) and never have had a problem at all. Every time I have had to call for service they have fixed it the same day and credited me the day I had a problem. We now have the package deal (TV, RR and Phone) and are real happy with it. Unless things change I have no intention to change. Like any service people have good and bad service. MY best friend had DSL and has been having lots of problems the last few months. Funny thing is he never had any problems up to that time.
    He kept it and the last month they seem to have fixed it.
    Each person has their own horror story's I'm sure.
  16. misfit

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    thanks dale.since we're kinda alike,maybe i'll have the same luck:D;)
    i'm glad you posted when you did,cause after reading the last couple posts,i was getting ready to just jump out the window.....................and it's a long way down from the third floor:eek:
    but as i mentioned,no tv trouble here and the only other game is dish,but that isn't allowed in my building:(

    i've heard no complaints about rr and if the phone service is as good as tv so far,i'll be happy.
  17. Fishman

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    I'm very happy with time warner! For the ammount of money I spend with them... $110 dollar's I get Digital Cable w/ DVR HBO SHO, Phone, and internet! For as much time as I spend using their service, which ever it may be, for my entertainment dollar they really are the best bang for the buck!
  18. I have WOW now and Im not totally sold on them, I had considered going back to TW but I think I will hold off for the time being, seems like direct TV might not be a bad thing.
  19. Don't get me wrong, Time Warner's service is fine. Cable always works (once we got the right box) internet is fine, and the phone service is nice also.

  20. I dropped TW last winter like a bad habit. I jumped on the WOW $99 plan for cable, DVR, internet and phone. We added another tier of cable channels so it's like $119. Nothing major to complain about. The internet is slightly slower than Roadrunner, but after a couple beers, I can't notice a difference.:p The only thing I miss from TW is the Outdoor Channel. When I signed up WOW siad It would be added on January 4. I havn't found it yet, I guess I got punked. Oh well, at least I finally got my Big Ten Network. GO BUCKS!!