anyone have luck on career builder or yahoo hotjobs?

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  1. i have posted my resume' on both sites and have got nothing my spam email's and phone calls about work from home jobs and stuff like that.
  2. I have used both career builder and monster. They are good sites, but you need to make your resume "private", so it can only be viewed when you apply for jobs.

    I used both sites mainly for search purposes, but having the resume already in electronic format was very nice when using their application process.

    P.S. Find a posting that is listed with a hiring company (i.e. headhunter) and when you do, they will automatically enter your name/info into their database and they will continue to keep an eye out for you. I still recieve phone calls from people I haven't talked with in 2 years. You develope a relationship with them and they call to see how you are doing and if you need assistance in looking for something new. FREE OF CHARGE!

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    Remember there isn't anything in this life that is truly free.
  4. Totally agree, but it is "cost free" to you, as the company pays for the agency to search for potential matches.