Anyone have lasik eye surgery?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Toxic, Sep 27, 2007.

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    I have an appointment Friday in Pittsburgh, Pa. to see if I am a candidate for lasik eye surgery. I'm in my forties and I have worn corrective lenses since I was in sixth grade. I hate wearing glasses and want a change. But I am a little apprehensive on having it done. So please give me some insight on your experiences good or bad if you have had it done. Thanks in advance. :C
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    not me, but i have 2 friends that have had it done and it turned out great for both.

  3. I've not had it done myself yet but will in the near future.

    My dad had it done quite a while ago and a colleague at work had it done just a week or so ago.
    My dad had his surgery back when the incision was made by "scalpel" (actually a microkeratome blade) so he had one eye done at a time and it took a little longer for his eyes to heal and his vision to be restored. My colleague had the corneal flap incisions made by laser so he was able to get both eyes done on the same day and his vision was clear very soon after. As a matter of fact his vision is now better than 20/20 and it's only been a week or so since his surgery. My dad's surgery was also quite successful and he is still free from corrective lenses.
    Be prepared for a temporary loss of vision when the corneal flap incision is made (apparently that is the freakiest part of the surgery). Also if you are apprehensive about the surgery it should be possible for your surgeon to arrange for you to be given a valium or something similar to make the procedure less stressful.

    They both had their surgeries performed at the Cleveland Clinic but I guess Pittsburgh is just as close or closer for you.

  4. Good friend had it done, and has regretted it since. His vision is worse and since the surgery "has" to put drops in eyes every 4-6 hrs. After several corrective procedures, absolutely no change in his condition.
    I will keep wearing my glasses.

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    I had it done 7 years ago when I was 37. My only regret was not doing it sooner. I too had worn glasses since 6th grade, finally not needing them or contacts was such a relief. I was back to work the next day, no pain or discomfort.
  6. I had mine done back in 2000 @ TLC in Indep. Took about a hr total, Best advise is follow what the doc says take a few asprins and nap trust me u'll need too i stayed up watchin tv and started gettin a bad headache. The downfalls to it is you'll notice ur eyes will feel dry so 1st few yrs u'll need to put drops in, and that ur eyes will be more sens. to light, on the good side U wont need ur glasses to see. Mine balanced out to a 20/20 vision

    Some areas that u will want to know about: may have problems with nite vision, may see like stars for a time period, dry eyes sensation.

    I was in my early 30's when I had it done without any problems, I would do it all over again just goto a doc well known and that has a garantee that if something would go wrong that there wouldnt be a charge to correct it.

  7. I've had it done for almost 2 years and love it. I was in the office a total of 20 minutes, the actual surgery was about 5 minutes. I drove myself back to the doctor the next day and could read the 20/20 line, a year later could read the 20/15 line. Read all the info you can and you'll find that very few people have any problems with it at all and most of the problems result from people not doing what the doc tells you to do after the surgery. I know about a dozen people who have had it done and every one can see at least 20/20.
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    I had it done also. If ya got the cash to do it, DO IT. 200% worth it, like many I only regret not doing it sooner. Vision is 20/20 now, and has been since the day after the procedure.
  9. How much does it usually cost these days ? I would love to have the surgery but as much as it cost in the past , I couldnt justify it when I see just fine with glasses. It would be great not to have to wear glasses or contacts though.
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    My wife had it done this past summer and is totaly and completely satisfied with it. She has 20 20 vision and a day does not go by when she doesn't make a remark of how it is so nice to get up from sleeping and be able to see w/out puting on her glasses or puting in her contacts.
    One thing I will say is this. She was told there would be very little if any pain after the procedure. This was the case for her left eye, her right eye was a different story. She was absolutly misserable with pain for about an hour after we got home. Not sure why and even the Dr said the same. He did say that this happens in less than 5% of people who get the procedure but I wish he would have said that up front so she would have been prepaired for it. I told the Dr about it as well.:mad:

    On thing that I found very interesting about it was this, I sat there and watched the whole procedure!:eek: It was on a 30" tv screen but the whole screen was here eye and that was kind of wired.......
  11. I had it done in may went from seeing 20/550 in l/eye and 20/500 in r/eye to seeing 20/15 in both. I went to Lasik Plus in Centerville Ohio, they have offices in Dayton and in Cincinnati. You have to use the eye drops for the first week then after that its all good. I keep eye drops around because for a while after they will have a tendancy t oget dry. I used my tax return check to get it done. If you can afford it or can get finanaced for it get er done.
  12. so whats the average price for this procedure, the last time i checked it out which was 3-4 years ago, for me it was going to cost $3 grand + im sure prices have came down some by now, so does anyone know a rough price?
  13. I paid 2999 total, and that included the life time touch up. You could get it for 500 dollars less but 250 bucks an eye for life time touchup sounded worth it to me. Before you do the lifetime touch up make sure you ask if you have enought thickness to do it.
  14. I have been researching the procedure and the top surgeons in my area (SW OH) and for the top 2 guys in this area it is almost $5,000 ($2300+ per eye at either). That being said you can get it done for $1000 per eye at other places (or $600 total in Mexico), but I plan to spend the extra coin and go with the best personally.

    If you have a HSA account or flexible spending account you can use that and pay for it tax free. I use a HSA and high deductible plan, so it works for me. As a side note, it is an elective surgery and as such is not covered by your policy even after meeting your out of pocket deductible. I have already paid my full out of pocket amount this year ($6,000) due to having a baby and was hoping for a "freebie", but they are way too smart for that;)
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    I had Lasik surgery over 8 years ago and it has been one of the best things I have ever done. I have worn glasses since I was in 3rd grade (I just turned 49 this month), and was always active in sports as well as hunting and fishing. I wore a ball cap almost constantly in a feeble attempt to keep rain off my glasses when outside. The constant fogging up when coming inside on a cold day or when trekking through the woods was a nightmare. I wore contacts for many years but my eyes always seemed to dry out from the wind or from looking through a pair of binoculars too long.

    I had both eyes done a once and they turned out great. I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes. The only problem(s) I had was reading in low light situations. I now use reading glasses in restaurants as they are always poorly lit. Some drying of eyes at the beginning, but that disappeared after about 6 months. At night car headlights have a large halo around them that was worse when my eyes were dry. Other than that I would recommend Lasik to anyone considering it.
    Whenever it rains I look straight up into the sky and think about the old days and my glasses. I got rid of all my ball caps and only wear blaze orange during hunting season or to keep the sun out of my eyes while up on the big lake.
  16. If you wear contacts figgure up the total cost you spend per year. I was spending about $300 by the time I added in solution, drops, contacts and I had to pay extra at my eye doc for a contact lens exam. The total cost for my Lasik was about $2600. So $2600/$300 comes to 8.6, so in 8.6 years I would have spent as much in contacts as it cost me to have my Lasik done. So in the long run I will save a bunch of money.
  17. I had it done also, The best thing I could have done. I wore glasses since the age of 5. I would get headaches and my eyes would always be very sensitive to the sunlight. Had it done 2 years ago and have had only 3 headaches since and my eyes aren't as light sensitive. My wife had it done also a year later. I caught a special promo. 1,999.00 for both eyes. I have 20/20 now. My wifes was 2,600. I did save a little bit of money by having them knife cut the eye instead of lazer cut it. It saved me 600.00 that way. I had it done in Brecksville. Goodluck!
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    Well, I am back from the doctors. And I am eligible for the surgery. Since my eyes are not that bad, I am getting their "basic" surgery done. My left eye will cost me 509.00 and my right eye will be 679.00. I got a 15% discount for being retired military ( I guess it's better than nothing). I am scheduled for Oct 11th. They had more expensive packages that I could have had, but I turned them down. The packages included tear drop plugs with a lifetime guarantee. That price was considerably higher, left eye, 1146.00 and for the right eye, 1018.00. I'll report back in two weeks on the procedure went. Thanks for all the replies.
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    Best money I ever spent. Going on 4 years with no problems, I can see into next week. Had it done at lasik plus in Kenwood on Montgomery Road. I would also recommend a vasectomy, my second best investment!
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    here here Loggy had em both done too and should have done it waaaaaay earlier