Anyone have info on Akron area ice?

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by gilligan, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Heading down to the Sport show tomorrow & bringing the gear along. Any info on ice conditions at Old State Park or Miller Lake? Too early in the year to go swimming.
  2. mrphish42

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    Gilligan.... Posts from earlier(two or three days ago) had the ice at 5 to7 inches thick in the OSP area. Myself......son-in-law and grandson will be fishing there tomorrow morning (meaning OSP). It is going to be 10 degrees tonite, so, I have no doubt that the ice will be fishable.....Jon Sr.

  3. Guys have been on Rex Lake all week long... Northwestern corner out from the Rotary Club/Craftsman Park. Catching some nice gills & redears.
  4. How to you access this lake? I have not heard of it. I know how to get to OSP and Miller where is it at from there?
  5. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Got out at OSP today, the 3 of us(son-in-law, grandson and my self)very cold start temp. around 10 degrees this morning. Plenty of good ice 6+ inches in the areas we fished.Looked around just before noon and counted 35 guys all over that area. Fishing was good( fun,caught 90% dinks) lots of action. Lost a very large bass at the bottom of the hole and my grandson did the same tho..warmed up quickly, did our regular cook out thing. Even got treated to hot pizza by the couple fishing nears us..after his wife took a meal run for them..... MAN, it dont get any better than that.. PS...... most everyone was having a so-so day--- with some bass and lot's of "dinks"...who cares, still beats a day setting home with nothin to do.....
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    sounds like a great day mrphish, it was a beauty today.
  7. Barcelona: Rex Lake is accessible from the New State Park Boat Launch off of Manchester Rd.