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    Anyone on here live in the central ohio area and have some filldirt they need to get rid of? Even some rocks or sand they need to get rid of.

    I am tired of having a swamp for a back yard. It wouldn't be bad if I didn't have two labs to clean up a few times a day.:mad:

    I looked at getting a top soil company to come in and it was crazy expensive when I looked on there web site. My yard is just too big to pay for the stuff.

    I have about a 1/2 acre in fence that I am going to start by filling in all the low spots then work on getting a better top soil. The dirt is just all clay and drainage just does not happen.

    If anyone had the need to get rid of it, hit me with a pm.

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    i'm guessing you won't be wanting to start on it till spring.i'll check with my son.he's east of newark if that's not to far to haul.

  3. Call new home builders & ask for the production manager or site supers, they are always looking for place to dump dirt. My boss had a 1/2 acre pond/swamp filled in 2 days once he found a builder developing a new subdivision. Usually fairly clean fill cuz it's what they have to remove for a road or basement.
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    rob,i know there's some building going on near you,so fisherball has a good idea.when i was in the business,i was always happy to to that if i had to have it hauled.
  5. Have you considered going to one of the local gravel co's?
    When I worked landscaping and we needed a large quantity of sand or dirt thats where we went. Just a thought.
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    I had a friend that had same problem.he got a back hoe and dug it out used the mud to go around it. man when he was done there was a nice lake now.I like get a deal like was abut 6 or 8 feet deep.stocked it with fish. now has nice fish pond.think it over