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Anyone have CC saugeye tips?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by kingfisher, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. My dad and I have been going down to Ceasars creek lake lately for saugeye from shore near the 73 bridge. we are using a 1/4 to 3/8 ounce sinker with about a one foot leader to a hook and minnow in about 15 to 20 feet of water. so far we have fished 3 times and caught just 1 saugeye and about a million snags. I am in desperate need of tips on anything from how to keep fom getting snags, what depths to fish, what times of day (our only bites are right before dark), lure or bait selection, and most importantly, where to fish. I'm willing to try almost anything, I have a canoe and one of those casting depthfinders that i will use if nessesary, I'm open to all your tips. Thanks a ton!
    good fishing to all of you!-Kingfisher
  2. I dont know c.c. at all. But for the snags you could try using a floating jig head on the leader instead of the plain hook to keep you just above the snags.
    hope this helps a little

  3. Hook N Book

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    Ditto on the floating jig head.
  4. I fish the spillway from Nov-March for saugeye. It is definetely hit or miss, but I do best a couple of days after a good rain. I fish twistertails on a floating jig head on an 18" leader, with a bullet sinker above a swivel. Bright colors are usually best, with chartruese being my most productive. I also fish white, orange, pink, yellow, just keep trying until you see what the fish want. Sometimes I'll tip my jig with a minnow. I also use a jig and minnow combo under a float and keep the jig just off the bottom. Hope some of this info helps you. Oh yeah, the Corps of Engineers like to close the access road a lot going down to the spillway, so sometimes it helps to call and see if it is open.
  5. I agree with GMRcatman, the spillway at Caesar's isn't has good as most spillways at lakes that stock saugeye but it can still be a decent place to get them. You might also have some luck fishing on the lake side of the dam, there is a concret walkway you can fish from but when the water is low it's hard to fish there but saugeye and white bass can be taken in that area if you hit 'em at the right time. I've had the most luck with Caesar's saugeye by fishing fairly large crankbaits at low light. The places I fish them from shore are pretty shallow and muddy bottom, the crank bait should run just deep enough to bump along the bottom. I lose lots of cranks this way but it catches fish. Look for any of the coves along the southern side of the lake that are feed by streams for good places to fish from shore at that lake.

  6. If you know the water you're fishing is 20' deep,I suggest going with a slip bobber set at no less than 19' deep.I would go with a red Gamakatzu hook at the bottom,then place a split shot about a foot above the hook.For a little flash,you could place three or four small red beads between the split shot and hook.For bait,use a lively chub between 4"-6" long and you're all set.Remember,saugeye's will always be within a few inches of bottom,so if you're fishing live bait,try to position your bait within inches from the bottom.That's the biggest difference between saugeye's and walleye's,walleye's will move up into the water column to feed,saugeye's rarely will leave the bottom.
  7. i know nothing about this lake, but i would bet the farm that if you went out 3 or 4 nights a week from 5:30 till 10 or so and pounded the rock shore line at the dam or any bridge that crosses the lake with a suspending rogue or husky jerk in a stop and go fashion up until the lake freezes you WILL get your personal best eye.
  8. Thanks for all the tips! I'll be sure to try them next time im up at CC. I'll let you know how i do.