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Anyone have a photo of...

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by atrkyhntr, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. ... the jigs you use when fishing with jigs & maggots?
    What sizes are best? Colors?
    THANKS in advance

  2. SUPER...
    Looks like I have a few already... I'm thinking of heading out sometime next weekend or sooner...
    THANKS X 2
  3. Can't go wrong with a 1/64 ounce red head/black feather body mini foo. Get's them everytime. Good luck this weekend!
  4. Hi Gents,

    I'm without a car this weekend (my GF is in Lakeside this weekend, just too tired to deal with her mom), but I'd like to drop a line in the water. I'm on the east side of Cleveland. I'll buy supper and a few beers if you are willing to drive.

  5. gezzzz...
    I have my kids this weekend or...
    Don't hesitate to ask again in the future... I'd like to go to simply watch and learn...
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