Anyone have a Briggs 5 hp?

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  1. I am looking for a motor for a small john boat and am considering a Briggs 5 hp air cooled motor. Waht I would like to know is how NOISY are they? I am assuming they sound like a lawnmower giving thats pretty much what the engine is. Any one have any experience with them?
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    My experience with them is nothing but poor. They are very noisy and their reliability has been terrible. The Hamilton County Park District originally outfitted their jon boats with them, but switched over to the water cooled motors after one year. The Briggs were constantly broken down and the repair costs were high. This has just been my experience though. I haven't heard of anyone that has liked them.

  3. I towed in two guys in a John boat at Mosquito lake last year that had one. The piston let loose and went through the side of the motor. They said it was only one month old.
  4. Somehow pushing a boat through water is harder on a motor than spinning a mower blade.
  5. Thats kind of what I figured. A used 5 hp outboard wont be much more.