anyone got an iphone??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by crappielooker, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. crappielooker

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    whats your experience with this gadget??is it worth it?? i'm seriously thinking about getting 1..
  2. I know with the contract it cost like $1600 a year to have one

  3. captnroger

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    I had one for 2 weeks. My impression is that it is a very very cool toy. Like most things that Apple puts out (I use a MacBook Pro as my work machine and a iMac at home), it's a really great piece of hardware.

    I am a self-proclaimed "gadget freak" and over the years I've owned just about every new item that's come to market if it's a phone or a PDA.

    Having said that, I really really wanted to like the iPhone. In the end, the things that bugged me most were:

    1.) The keyboard. I couldn't get used to it, and I constantly mistyped on the darn thing
    2.) AT&T's data network is subpar. If you could browse via wifi it was great, but when not in a wifi spot the overtheair network was painful at best.
    3.) It wouldn't talk to our exchange server. That's not Apple's fault as we are many versions behind here at work, but my Blackberry Pearl connects with no problems, and with my travel I have to have handheld access to work email.

    Those were are killers for me. Having said that

    1.) You won't find a better webbrowsing experience on any handheld device.
    2.) The screen is amazing - razor sharp, pictures and video look stunning
    3.) Having the iPod interface on the phone was very nice, and audio quality is very good

    There are software unlocks available now that will let you use it with any GSM network worldwide, and those unlocks are free.

    The recent price drops make it more attractive, but I'm going to wait until they revise it which knowing apple will happen within 6 months.

    My $.02
  4. crappielooker

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    thanks roger... i know they probably will have a better one out soon, but i want 1 now just because of the ipod features alone.. i also like how sharp their screen look.. :) the keyboard is the pain for sure, it may take sometime to get used to..
    now, i know how excellent AT&T signal is over there.. LOL. over here i doubt we will have that problem, we have attennaes every-freakin-where.. the web browsing experience and download using EDGE technology alone should be better than what i'm using now on my asus P535 which is the GPRS ..
    well.. i think i pretty much will get 1 soon then.. aahh.. i too can never have enough gadgets.. roger, you would love it over here.. :)
  5. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    oh yeah, somehow the blackberry doesn't get that much attention over here..
  6. Just wait until December. I can't reveal the whole secret, but ATT is coming out with something special in Dec. 2007 That's only 3 months away for the cell/electronics crowd.

    It has to do with cable/cell/I-pods etc... ALL CONNECTED FOPR YOU.
  7. captnroger

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    Dude I'm sure I'd love it over there. Between the gadgets and those fine asian women I'd be in HEAVEN :)
  8. Alwsfishin

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    Ditto with Captn's post, been on the net 3 hrs and searched iPhone. This post was sent from it at Warransville n Mayfield. It ranks up there with my Lowrance 38C HD. Happy Thanksgiving to all !