anyone got a kiser report?

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  1. i am heading to kiser lake to camp and fish friday-monday. anyone know whats biting? mostly shore fishing . and i hope to rent a rowboat also.
  2. My neighbor just came to speak to me tonite,possibly had the state record wiper out of kiser,33" long but didn't find a registered scale to weigh it. His digital bounced between 17.2-17.6#. Too late now,he has taken it to the taxidermist already.They are always hungry,along with channel cats,some nice largemouth,bluegill and crappie. Just ask around,someone should point You in the right direction.

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    Wow! A 33" wiper would sure be something to see! :B

    20fan, you might get a better response on this one if you try your luck in the southwest ohio fishing reports forum.