anyone go out today?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bopperattacker, Feb 28, 2009.

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    The wife is out of town, leaving me 48 straight non-nag hours to burn. I went out today in the morning below Oshay. First cast, snagged a golden ruled 8 inch throw back saugeye. Nothing for the next two hours. Caught one crappie about 7 inches 30 minutes before I left. Still beats the honey do saturdays.

    Wondering if anyone else had any luck
  2. fishintechnician

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    why didn't you give me a call i would have went out. i have yet to catch an 09 fish

  3. Mushijobah

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    Likewise on the no fish yet!
  4. Columbusslim31

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    Caught two dink eyes at Deer Creek last Thursday. My skills must be improving if I got fish before Mushi and FT...
  5. When does Crappie time start at Hoover? I'm looking at the 10-day forecast and liking what I see. This weekend too early?
  6. Hey Insco. It's been a while since I've logged in and commented here. New job(s), girlfriend issues (thank God for fishing season coming up) - but to answer your question, it might be a tad early depending on your attack plan. Not sure how you plan on fishing for them. They are stacked in columns right now in 20+ ft of water just waiting for spring. Might be able to troll, jig or drift for some early biters. Suppose that would depend on if there's soft water. Haven't been to the lake since October. They'll pick up in mid-April with the males coming shallow(er). The fat females will soon follow. My best days are in May up through early to mid-June, busting bushes and submerged logs. I've never been consistent (numbers + size) before the last week in April with crappie at Hoover. But, I'm not the best fisherman out there.
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    i would guesse a few more weeks on the crappie. mushi bopper and coulumbusslim you guys better watch out cause i am going to hit it hard this weekend i plan on putting that first one in the boat this weekend
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  8. Hoover is the greatest crappie spot!! It's still a little early but last year we wacked them from mid april until early june.
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    i do most of my crappie fishing on the river because i have found they tend to be a little bigger but if i'm not at the river then i am usually at delaware allot of nice slabs to be caught there
  10. Capital outdoorsman

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    I think last year in general was a good year for crappie. Hoover produced better size and numbers compared to previous couple of years, as did Alum and O'shay. At least for me anyway. Its too early if you're shore fishing. If you've got a boat and can locate the suspending ones you should be able to find some.
  11. I was out scouting yesterday. Sure would be nice if a ramp got put in somewhere.
  12. If your interested in catching crappie this early in the year head to Buckeye lake at night - This time of the year Buckeye can produce some nice Slabs - I normally don't fish Buckeye except during this time of the year.
  13. I just got back from Buckeye fished the floating dock are with a mimic minnow under a float the wind was moving it and giving it its action, I was also slowly jigging crappie along the docks with crapie nibbles no takers today.