anyone go out this week

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  1. im just checkin to see if anyone trolled this last week at alum...if so,how'd you do? i'm thinkin about going out tonight, just wanted to see if anyone else would be out there
  2. I fished Alum thursday evening, friday, and monday morning. I ended up getting a 36"r on thursday evening trolling at 15 down and monday morning I got a 24"r trolling at 15 down. Lost a nice one friday afternoon. I've heard of guys casting, but I think most of the action is still on the troll. All my action was in the main basin running 4 and 5" lures. Seems that a lot of sub-30's are being caught in the last week.

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    I'm going out in the AM. Gonna try my last trolling session at Alum this year. Will report when I get back.
    Hey Coon....what's the water temps ?
  4. End of day is usually upper 70's.