anyone get out?

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  1. did anyone get out on the ice today? all the lakes by me were in very crappy condition.
  2. peon

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    i sure didnt! got off work last night with plans of hitting the ice today! and then it started raining and warming up outside!!

  3. mrphish42

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    I was going to go back to OSP today........but all those Holiday plans quickly changed that.......Things will get back to normal after New Years Day....hope the ice gods smile down more on us...... very soon.......Jon Sr.
  4. Hit Spencer Lake this morning with a couple of friends and the bigger side (not good with directions there) had 5-6 inches of clear ice. The rain left a lot of standing water on top but it was fishable. Fish didn't want to bite though. Only managed 10 gills.
  5. Managed to hit our pond on the 23rd and caught 25 gills in about 2 hours ..........Rich