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anyone get into any crappies this weekend?

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mikeofborg, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. I did a little fishing with minnows at the National quarry in Bluffton. A few small bites and saw one crappie tooling around near the bank, though he would not take any offers thrown to him. Has anyone had any luck this week? I am hoping to hit Findlay Reservoir 2 this weekend if the weather stays in the mid to upper 40s all week. Also, anything going on down at Lake Loramie?
  2. I was at indian lake saturday before the rain seen a few fisherman but no fish. Hopefully we get some warmer weather this up coming week for good friday weekend

  3. I was at Loramie this morning and picked up about 30. Seemed around 10 or so they shut completely off! Time to get my wings going and watch the race! Glenn
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  4. any pnnd fishing going on/
  5. Pond fishing is actually a good idea. I have access to a few private ponds that hold some crappie in them. I bet their water temp is a little higher than the bigger waters.
  6. Caught 79 crappies today in the muddiest water fishing 12 in. deep @ Indian lake
  7. looking to get out on the 2nd. anyone have any good spots for crappie