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Anyone float deer creek?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by canoebill, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. The dnr lists access points along the creek yet I have never heard of anyone ever canoeing it nor is it listed in the ohio canoe guide. Does anyone have any experience on the creek-floating or wading? If it's floatable, are there lots of strainers and how's the smallmouth population?

    It seems the stream flow is good around mount sterling right now though I would prefer the area below down to Williamsport but do not know the current flow. Thanks for any help.
  2. If you float the section from S.R. 56 there are several areas that have beaver dams and alot of shallow areas, at least the last time I floated it a couple of years back. If you go that route, as you get closer to the gun range, the creek splits, make sure you take the right fork, the left is a dead end. There were a couple of strainers down that way and also a couple below the dam in the first couple of miles of stream. Of course that was over a year ago and things change, especially below the dam.

    There are fish, including smallies. The last time I floated from Sterling to the lake was about 10 years ago and took about 14 hours due to the many ripples and shallows. Hope that helps.

  3. Yes, that helps a lot- can't beat that. Thanks. 14 hours eh? Between fishing and carrying the boat over the rocks, a short trip can take a long time. I've paddled in the dark on a few of my early trips-try to keep them short now. Have you tried the section below the dam though it looks a long ways to the williamsport access the dnr lists. It also seems the water flow is less below the dam at the moment guessing on the gauge info (no cfs there).
  4. yea that trip was a long one, a good bit was due to horsing around but the low water did not help. As far as below the dam, I have never down it in late summer/fall. There is a decent sized creek that joins with Deer Creek a few miles downstream of the dam. I have only floated the first couple of miles, there is one definite portage about 150-200 yards long. Creek goes left and then 90 degree right with alot of wood in the water and some tricky current (probably not bad now). Then the creek flows another 100 yards or so and then another run with a large tree blocking. You will want to portage the right bank all the way past that.