Anyone fishing the Maumee river???

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  1. Wondering if anyone has had any luck the past few days with the warmer weather. I was thinking about heading out tonight or bright and early tomorrow morning. Looking for the fat samllies, if anyone wants to join shoot be a PM. FFBG
  2. you mind sharing what you use to catch the smallies?

  3. Last year I went about this time, and had really rough luck. I had a good year on the river during the summer, but not into the late fall. There were so many freaking gizzard shad that I was actually snagging some with my inline spinner. I snagged four or five 3" fish in one trip. Have you been down there recently? Success?

    I've been fishing a pond for largemouth the last few weeks and have been absolutely killing some big fish. That's been tiding me over recently.
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    I know other local rivers are really SSSSSLLLLLOOOOWWWW the water temps are cooler than you think and the fish are lathargic.
  5. Not too long ago, I was destroying the White Bass at Grand Rapids Dam.
  6. You can catch white bass all summer long at the dam. When you get in a school of them it can be a blast on light gear. Last year at this time i was fishing the dam after we got a good rain and lost a steelhead right at my feet. I would assume the river is still pretty low and clear. I would think the SM are still putting on there feed bag with the warmer weather we have had. It has been a slow fall for me fishing the river. Hopefully ill get into some smallies tonight, Ill post with the results. FFBG
  7. The River went up a good foot or two at the 475 Bridge. Not sure about the clarity, but you've gotta assume the last rain muddied it up a bit. If you're going to go, go in the afternoon. You wouldn't believe how much the temp will rise on a day like today. The waters freezing in the morning.
  8. Well i went out tonight and fished around BW without a single bite but did manage to see a nice 6 point buck walk by. So, I still had about a hour left or so and decided to move upstream and fish around waterville and also got skunked there. When I was getting ready to leave I looked over and noticed a fish laying on a rock. I walked up closer and it is a 20'' walleye still flopping around. I grabed him and snapped a quik picture and measurement and let him swim away. It was odd seeing him just laying on the rock still alive. I didnt see anyone else fishing near me, wonder how he got there. Anyways it was still a beautifull day on the river and enjoyed the nice weather. here is the pic of the walleye. FFBG

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  9. Wow, that's bizarre... Maybe he was getting a suntan and you messed it all up for him.
  10. You should of just ate him. He's probably Brain-Dead from floppin around for a while on the rocks.
    We used to catch alot of walleyes at Grand Rapids in the fall. They made a kind of false run up there and stopped at the dam. Theres a ledge on the Mary-Jane side they hold on that runs with the current. We also used to catch Saugers up there, but thats been awhile ago,like years.
  11. Hey FFBG - Is that Line in the picture that new Cajun line? How do you like it? I just tried Gamma on my Pier Rod, and I really like the way it feels and cast. Handles well at night. I've always been a Trilene X-T guy, still am for the river
  12. Yeah i was thinking about eating him but i thought it wasnt fair because i didnt catch him and plus I still have some left over from last years run. Yeah i have also caught some walleye this year at the dam using 2'' white twister tails. So far i havent had any problems with the cajun red. I have only been using for a summer or so. I am using 6# test and havent lost anything yet. Hopefully ill make it out one more time before it gets to cold and everything shuts down. Tight Lines FFBG