Anyone fishing Markland tailrace?

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  1. We were fishing Meldahl yesterday afternoon/evening on the KY side. Caught 1 keeper sauger and a bunch of dinks. Oh and 1 dead beaver. Seriously. We thought it was a log at first. I only saw about 15 keepers caught from 2 pm to around 7pm. Orange, red were the hot colors. Anyway, I was talking to a slightly older timer and he remarked he was looking forward to walleye fishing below Markland come Jan. & Feb. I've never fished down there, but when he said walleye and that you don't get hung up near as much due to the gravel bottom - my ears perked up. Was he telling me a fish story? I'd always heard the best 'eye fishing on the Ohio was back towards W VA & PA. I pull 'eyes out of Meldahl once in a while, but nothing of size.

    If its true, can anyone tell me the best bait store to hit for minnows before going (any other hints/tips would be much appreciated)? There's no answer at the Markland Bait store. I'll be traveling from Fairfield, OH.:)
  2. wholesale bait in hamilton, you can buy a pound of minnows for i think $9. i havent fished markland but i have heard it is very good, i dont know how many walleye you may catch, i doubt many, but there should be lots of sauger

  3. Thanks rK. I know the place - bought bait there many times.

    Depending on how high the river is by the weekend, I'll let you know how I do if I get to go.
  4. Texancincy :
    I can't help you on the bait shop , But we fished Markland today .We could only come up with 2 doz. minnows at our local bait shop . We used a 1/2 oz.chartruse ledhead with chartruse and pink body tipped with a minnow..When we ran out of minnows ,we tipped with small strips of cut shad. The bite was just as good on the strips as the minnows. We kept 14 really nice saugers , and probably lost that many more nice ones , trying to horse them in , instead of using a landing net..As far the walleyes , I'd say the old man was telling the truth...
  5. Jones fishery in NewTown sells them by the pound, if you live on the east side...they have rose minnows too....they are yellow minnows that seem to be fish what a nice steak is to humans...............
  6. Were you fishing the Indiana side or the KY side? Also were you in a boat?
  7. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Just a heads up Spiff, we currently don't have any rosey reds in stock. If you're ever curious about availabilty just shoot me a PM and I'll let ya know ASAP. I work there by the way :)
  8. We were catching on the Ky . side . We were in a boat..Looks like the rivers gonna rise. That should put them back in the creeks.