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Anyone fishing Indian Lake

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lpead, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. A friend and I are heading up to Indian Lake next weekend. Is anyone having any luck? What are you using for saugeye? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Fish around the bridge at moundwood. and use a floating jighead with a nightcrawler and a splitshot sinker about 12 inches up from the jig. and run it along the rocks.

  3. Hate to look like a dumby...........but. I have never used a floating jighead before. Can you tell me what to look for? Can I find them a Wal Mart, Gander Mt or do I have to go to Bass Pro? Also could you give me a brief description of how to fish them. I'm assuming the sinker hits first and then fish by feel on the bottom with the jighead and worm getting a natural movement behind it?????
  4. Yeah, you can get them both at Gander Mountain, or Walmart ( I live about 5 minutes away from both) , and I usually get them at Gander Mountain (because I like to have an excuse to go in there and look ) lol. They look like a regular jighead, except they're lighter, and they float lol. The way I fish them is I put the slipshot sinker about 12 inches up from the jighead ( when the sinker sits on the bottom, the jighead floats about 12 inches above the bottom with the worm ). heres my favorite techinique:

    1: Throw the rig out, and let it sink, and set still for a minute or so.
    2: Point your rod tip in the direction of the jig ( where its sitting )
    3: Keep your rod tip down, and slowly tighten the line ( being aware of any small bites )
    4: with the line tight, pull the rod slowly up, and back ( raising the jig up, and pulling it toward you... and keep the line tight )
    5: While keeping the line tight, lower your rod back to the starting position ( slowly ) letting the jig fall back towards the bottom.
    6: Keep repeating this method.

    * most of the time, the saugeye will hit the jig as its on its way back down to the bottom, so be ready... You can also try different techniques such as just steadily bouncing/jigging it off the bottom. The method I described is just my favorite way of fishing the rig, and its the most productive for me. I hope this helps you out. Goodluck, and let me know how you do. ( Oh yeah, the saugeye bite is best at night time )
  5. Thanks man. I doubt we'll be out too late but might as well try something.