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Anyone fished for chanels at Charles Mill lately?

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by the dunkle, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. the dunkle

    the dunkle Juicy Jay every day

    I've had pretty good success fishing for chanel catfish in charles mill ( near mansfield) but a freind of mine who lives up there told me he hasnt caught any all week. wondering if anyone from around that area is having the same bad luck, and if anyone would know a reason y they would suddenly stop biting?
  2. TexasPete

    TexasPete Fishin' Fool

    spawn timing? maybe...

  3. Jeremy

    Jeremy snag free

    we go fishing there quite a bit. across from molly's cheese house.

    my buddy caught a 19 inch catfish.

    lately we haven't caught anything there..we are going to try Willard tomorrow evening.
  4. catfishrich

    catfishrich ASK12B1

    Catfish already spawned so it not that, There are soo many things that make fishing slow down, such as fishing deeper/shallower water bait or weather. You have to just look harder change you bait and fish at diferent time.

    good luck
  5. I fish the mill about 3-4 times a week. Usually just for Carp cause of the size. The catfishing there just doesn't appeal to me. A lot of people there (nobody here) will keep everything they catch, nomatter what size. I have never had a descent night catfishing there in 5 years. The occasional 15" channel is about it. Sorry if I sound so negative, but thats just my experience. laters
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