Anyone fish the Tuscarawas River?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JakeFr5150, May 12, 2004.

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    Ever since moving up here to the area last fall, I've been in a major fishing slump. I've been trying to scope out some new places to fish around here. I've grown tired of trying to find decent spots on the Cuyahoga River - IF they exist, I have yet to find any. So I thought I might give the Tuscarawas a try. Haven't been to scope out any places yet though - Mainly looking to fish closer to Akron, so from looking at the Ohio Gazetteer, looks like I mainly want to start looking for spots near Canal Fulton.

    Anyone fish this river in that area? If so, are there any good access points that aren't really in heavily fished areas. I don't have a canoe, so I'm limited to wading and if really desparate, bank fishing. Use almost exclusively ultralight gear, although I'm potentially interested in Catfishing again if there are any in the river. I heard there are some decent Smallmouths in there, but I'm game for other Panfish (mainly Rock Bass - I love those things!) as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Not looking for anyones particular spots or anything, just general areas that are worthwhile.

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    I fish the Tusc. in Massillon, and catch some small small mouth. I've heard the best fishing in the Tusc. is below New Phil.. But the smallies are fun even in Massillon.

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    you need to fish the areas south of bolivar,clear to the coshocton area MANY AREAS TO FISH ON THE TUSC., including dover water treatment plant, low head dam in New phila, by the mall, big and little stillwater creeks in the urichsville and midvale areas, the list of spots goes on and on !!!! just about anything that swims is in this river !!!- saugeye, smallies , largemouth, flatheads, channels, crappies, gills,northern pike, etc.this is truly a GREAT river, and recieves little press on the ohio fishing web sites- quite a few nice spots to catfish at night down this way .