Anyone fish ladue lately

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  1. BIKENUT06

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    Just wondering if anyone has fished ladue lately, water levels, catches, etc. I'm going there Sunday
  2. ParmaBass

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    Haven't fished there lately, but been there twice this week. Water levels are real low, I saw some lady walk over to the big island on the North end.

  3. fished ladue today. water way down since monday. no fish today. big fish on monday:)!
  4. bassmastermjb

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    LaDue is about as low as you'll ever see it.Akron lowered it last week to get Lake Rockwell up to normal pool.I spoke to one of the rangers yesterday and was told they will not be filling Ladue back up anytime soon........Mark
  5. ParmaBass

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    Not filling it back up anytime soon, how fast does Lake Rockwell's water level go down? I know it's the season for draining reservoirs, I guess I'm just curious why Rockwell has to stay that full all the time. Ladue's water levels have been way down since Last April. I actually saw a lady walking on an island that's usually surrounded by 8' of water during semi-normal pool. I was there twice last week, never saw one boat in the lot.
  6. bassmastermjb

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    Rockwell is last in the chain of 3 reservoirs that were manmade along the Cuyahoga river ( East Branch-LaDue-Lake Rockwell).It was finished in 1916 and the other 2 came quite a few years later as the population grew.I'm not sure how it works, but I was told their contract at Lake Rockwell, calls for 55 million gallons of water daily, to flow over the dam(It might be weekly, but I'm pretty sure it's daily).This includes all the water needed to supply the City of Akron with their drinking water.So in order to keep Lake Rockwell at a certain safe pool level they take all the water it needs from the other 2 reservoirs above it.Both East Branch and LaDue are nothing more than large holding tanks of water for the City Of Akron.
  7. how does mogadore fit into all this?
  8. bassmastermjb

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    Mogadore has a filtration pumphouse past the dam that also supplies Akron with their water.I'll ask some questions in the next couple of days and let you know what kind of history I come up with.Akron also owns Meander Reservoir, they even went as far to buy water they tried to purchase the strip pit(Cowans) on the corner of RT14 and Diagonal that is now an Association............Mark
  9. we tried having a small club tournament on ladue sunday the 15th. what a joke. the water levels are unbelievable. why cant they take some water from portage lakes????????????????????????????????
  10. creekcrawler

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    Akron has a minimum flow they must let out of Rockwell into the Cuyahoga
    because a few years back the EPA busted them for shutting off the outflow of Rockwell during dry spells. This basically meant they were stealing ALL the Cuyahoga's flow. The only water in the Cuyahoga below Rockwell was coming from their 3 treatment plants downstream!

    The city of Akron is very protective of their incoming water supply, but they don't give a darn what happens downstream of them!
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    I spoke to one of the Rockwell Rangers this morning and I made a couple mistakes in my earlier replys.Since the lack of rain, Lake Rockwell will need to be at full crest.There are 45 million gallons of water that flow over the dam each day and most of that water is coming from Ladue.Mogadore does not supply Akron with water.It was purchased by Akron as an emergency backup if anything would happen to Rockwell..........Mark