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Anyone fish Gorge park in Akron

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by junkyardbass, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. I just started working in Akron and noticed it on a map. Can you fish there? If so anyone do any good there and if so what type of fish can be caught. Just looking for a place close to work to maybe run to on lunch or before or after work for an hour or two.
  2. ive been fishing there for since i was 13, usually catch small smallies, the occasional LM. u gotta watch out cuz the fat a$$ park rangers sometimes will roll down the hill and kick ya out. good luck man

  3. The Gorge is awaste of time if you ask me. You arent allowed to fish anywhere but off of their little deck that they built. Its pretty much useless.

    You can try to fish elsewhere but you arent allowed. I had a ranger tell me once that the only spot allowed was their deck.

    If you want, you can try the Hoga over by Front St. and Second St. WaterWorks isnt too far from there either.
  4. Ya you can only fish from the dock. You aren't allowed off the paths in the park. I have tried there 3 or 4 times but have been skunked every time.
  5. All they are doing is there job I work for the parks system and know all the rangers and tourny fish with 10 of them. I cant count the amount of times I have heard over the radio that some fisherman had fallen and is hurt trying to fish where they arn't allowed to be. be happy they could have given you a ticket.
  6. im sorry there guy. if they dont want anyone down there, they should really put NO FISHING signs there. there isnt anything saying no trespassing or anything, so hey whatever.
  7. Git real...there are "No Fishing" signs regularly spaced down both the Akron and Falls sides all the way to the dam.Unfortunately those that choose to ignore them anyway are usually too busy litering too to notice them...
    Nice to see they've recently begun handing out more tickets for such behavior.
  8. Cheesehead Cory

    Cheesehead Cory Displaced Person

    It's just hearsay, so take it for what it's worth, but I talked to a couple guys fishing under the bridge. They said they fish there all the time, and sometimes the ranger stops by to see how they're doing, but never shoed them away. Looked like they were either carping or catting.

    Others, including myself have put in a kayak/canoe/jonboat from that same spot, just park across the street. In the Gorge, I have caught pike, smallies, largemouth, white perch, yellow perch, crappie, bluegill and sunfish.
  9. ive been going down there for 10 years, only been stopped ONCE. there isnt 1 NO FISHING sign down there. i dont litter, all i do is fish and leave. i dont know who the he(( u are telling me i am the one littering, i dont know where u go fishing but where i go, there are no signs. from all the trash i see down there, looks like the rangers arent doing there jobs stopping people. people even climb down the wall on the falls side right next to the observation deck and noone ever says a dam thing. so hey whatever man
  10. do you realize that the rangers have to cover 5 other parks including that one. heres an this is what i have always said about littering "you had room to bring it in, you have room to take it out"
  11. well said;and I still don't see how anyone cannot see the "no fishing" signage(as well as "no trespassing and "stay off the banks")unless they simply wish to not see it...
    About the bridge, it depends on what side you're on-Akron side is ok(as long as you don't wander onto Metro shorelines)as it is Ohio Edison property,Falls side is off limits and we've seen more than a few tickets distributed over there(according to Falls news,about a fifty buck average) and one truck towed from lot you referred to, owned by a guy fishing on that side,tho I don't know what the details were .
    I can't believe there are still "outdoorsmen" who rationilize littering or trespassing because they feel "rangers aren't doing their job",etc.
  12. zachtrouter

    zachtrouter FISHAHOLIC

    Anyways...... yes you can fish and catch smallies down there like crazy. If you can wade the river you can catch smallies! A better place to start is off of Cuyahoga St. before you hit the big hill to go into north hill. IF you come to a brick road you went to far.(Uhler rd) The chuckery is what its called. Good smallie action from the to under the gorge dam where the big boy smallies hang out. You can also hit the river at the softball fields. I think its called oxbow. Good smallie action down there as well. I also caught my first pike down there below clay mt. There is NO fishing on the banks down there to "prevent erosion" or some other bullcrap.
  13. coachfozz

    coachfozz The Economical Bass Fisherman

    HW, see us North Hill people know to park on Clifton and walk down from there. I haven't been down there in a while but there are paths that take down by Butterfly rock and then you walk back up the river that way so I am sure you don't see any signs that way. Back in the 80's, my brother and I caught some monsters down there.
  14. Cheesehead Cory

    Cheesehead Cory Displaced Person

    Sorry, should have been clearer. I meant the south (Akron) side, by OH Edison. Park on the SW side in the metroparks lot [That's not where someone was towed from, is it?], and cross the street to OH Edison lot to get under the bridge.

    When people say "the Gorge", I assume they're talking about the area ABOVE the Gorge dam. You're not talking about wading there, Zach, are you?
  15. thankyou coach fozz, thats exactly where im talking about. people dont know how to walk down the hill off of riverside. homeworker if u ever went down there, there are no signs in that area
  16. DanAdelman

    DanAdelman getting jigging with it

    i have put my 12 ft aluminum boat in there a few times... I marked tons of fish and the water is deep enough to hold some monsters but all i ever caught was LM and one cigar pike... A lot of fun and good atmosphere... Very relaxing and very very little pressure.... Down river from the gorge i have fished in the chuckery area with much success with smallies... The hill is too steep and too thick by the Gorge Dam to fish with any real success... If i am on a boat casting the entire shoreline getting skunked good luck spending 10 mins to get down to a 10 ft casting radius of an area....and about all the litter everywhere I wish i knew who it was doing it because i would have somewhere to get rid of all my scraps after every fish i filet...

  17. There is a "no fishing from shorline" sign in the parking lot across from edison. I've fished under the bridge multiple times with out issues from the rangers. Its a hot spot for crappie spring/early summer. I also know a couple people who work for the parks and my buddies dad retired from there so we've never had any issues with them.
  18. yea ummm i dont fish there, thats not what im talking about there guy
  19. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    odds are that most of the trash comes from up stream and all the storm pipes that flow into the river. i know i used to see a ton of trash behind where the old tackle shack was
  20. collinwoodie

    collinwoodie north hill alumni assoc.

    Hmmm...I don't ever remember that being a particularly trashy area at all. Sure is a depressing spectacle now, though...