Anyone finding mushrooms ?

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  1. In northwest Ohio yet ? Ive seen the few reports of others finding the black ones in other areas but in my wanderings around here I have seen no sign of the tan ones yet. Either they arent there yet or somebody has beat me to them.
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    Ross County has given up 121 in 2 1/2 hours so far.


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    They are really just starting to pop in the central area. Depending on how far north you are, you might need another week or so.
  4. I found 17 about a week ago in mansfield but they were tiny I just left them checked on them 3 days later and they grew about 10% more.I hope the cold will not slow them down to much.
  5. i found some in ottawa county today some yellows and grays but they were small by this weekend things are really goin happen! Good Luck!!!!:p
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    I know this is kinda off the subject(maybe not) but I was watching a show last night that showed how they grow the store bought ones. It was pretty interesting. Not sure if it the same for you guys or not but when they pick, if they leave the root it will grow another shroom. They can do this about 5 more times. They also double their size every 24 hours. "How its made" was the show.
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    They aren't up yet...wait 3 weeks:D
    Sorry gotta run, gotta go check on my.......elm trees!
  8. Found 296 yellows yesterday evening! Average size, but a lot were starting to get real dried out. Once agian around elms, on east facing slopes. Also had 2 gobblers gobbling their heads off right up the ridge, was nice to hear. Hopefully they are there this weekend! :)
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    walked 40 acres of elm forest last night... nothing
  10. What's going to happen to the mushrooms when all the elms are dead and rotted to humus? Do they grow in any other areas? Just curious since they seem to prefer growing in the area of these trees(assuming they are on the ground-the trees that is), and all the elms are dying off.
  11. The first time out this year I found only about 40 blacks and they were all around popular trees....a friend of mine finds them in apple orchards....and another guy found a bunch in the river bottom full of those water trees or what ever they are called, maybe water maples? So they will grow around other stuff, just seem to find the motherloads around elms. :)
  12. The trick is to look around dead elm trees. Look for large trees that are shedding the dead bark in big sheets. I have one spot where the elm tree died. It stood for several years, then was cut down. That was ten years ago. I still find yellow morels in that spot. The spot where I find black morels is a mixed hardwoods area. Oak, hickory and a few beech trees. None of the trees are more than 20 years old.The mushrooms actually will come up through a gravel driveway in that spot. The only place I can't find them is my back yard. I planted old mushrooms around an elm stump and an old apple orchard. They just grow where they want to...
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    The Elm trees keep coming back and then die off from the blight. There are still many large Elms left alive. I even came accross some Chestnut trees that were huge the other day deep in a Southeastern Ohio forest.
  14. Check my reply under blacks everywhere, almost forgot, these where the cream-tan colored ones, Heading back out in about an hour. Good pickins. BO
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    this is my first year hunting them I found 9 around a red elm it was the first place I tried then I walked the woods for 2 hrs checking every elm tree I seen nothing then yesterday I went back to the same tree as the first find and found 3 more they are good eaten:)
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    been finding some, good but not great, some spots are producing nothing, some spots are producing well. to me its always the most fun to find them in new spots. still smallish and a lot of dark ones. havent actually picked any yet, with the rain, theyve been getting bigger.

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  17. Picked 21 yellows this morning with the biggest at 7". Looked like alot of people hit my spot yesterday.Mayapplesall walked on and footprints all over.
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  19. I just mowed some over in my yard...not sure if they are edible as I know nothing about mushrooms. These looked like flat button mushrooms.
  20. Found 150 more today in 2 hrs....seem to be thick this year in certain areas, hopefully the rain from yesterday brings more up! :)