anyone ever tried plunking technique for steelies?

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Has anyone ever tried plunking technique for steelies. Basically using a heavy weight to hold your bait positioned in the water. I was thinking of trying for steelies this season when a river gets blown out and I fish around a dam area.

  2. Many people fish this way at Daniels Park. They throw right into the falls with about 2 or 3 oz of lead and eggs, worms or minnows. Other than in the falls though I always thought of Steelhead as holding steady in the current and waiting for something to float by. Might work in the pools though.



    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    from what I read, this is the way other fisherman in the western states like Washington or Oregon fish. Specifically when the flow has gone up due to rain, and the fish are on the move. Seems like a very valid way to try and fish, I just never thought of trying it until now.

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    I have also witnessed this at Daniels park before it broke. I believe it will work when the fish are stacked waiting to run up. I did try it once and had a hook up. I found that a light line on the dropper for the weight will allow it break free if snagged on bottom, thus saving the rest of the set up. Good luck.
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    alot of times what ill do is wade above a run or shoot and drop shot with a 3 way swivel and use about a 2-3 foot leader of floural and drift minnows, but use enough shot to hold down the bait and let the currant do the work for me
  6. Folks have been catching them with that method for a long time. I recall a guy that fished spawn that way in a few hole in the mid-rocky about 20 years ago. Sort of like tightlining for cats. They had a mainline tied to a snelled hook (loop), then a leader of lighter line coming from the loop to a sinker. Therefore, if they snagged, they could snap the rod tip to break the weaker line, losing only the weight. They used a long rod that was more stout than a typical steelhead rod with a casting reel (mono).
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    they do it at rocky off the wall north of the ramps.even minnows on perch rigs,or other trout bait fished on the bottom.
  8. i would only have one hook on the line; i wouldn't use a spreader. The spreader would make it really easy for the steelhead to get tangled in the rigging and break it off. I like having the hook on the end of the line myself because there is less of a chance for tangles

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    After reading your post yesterday i decided to google "plunking". it showed some very interesting sites as to what, why, when where and how set up a plunking rig. after veiwing a number of sites i have determined that i am going to have to give it a shot just have to find some spin-n-glo's.
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    I actually have some spin and glows from out West. They also use Kwickfish and herring while plunking.